Jen & Steve’s Joyful Summer Wedding at Broadmoor Baptist Church & Kirin Starlight

Jen & SteveWhen Jen & Steve unabashedly ate Church’s chicken and cupcakes in front of our cameras for their engagement session, we immediately knew that their wedding at Broadmoor Baptist Church & Kirin Starlight was going to be a blast and it was. Honestly, our faces were sore the next day from smiling so much. Not only are Jen & Steve lovely people with a big sense of fun, their family and friends are too. Their bright colour scheme, adorable flags that doubled as programs & Steve’s snack bar all perfectly showcased Jen & Steve. We loved too how they gave their guests sunglasses to celebrate not only their wedding but also the first day of summer.

It truly was a fabulous day that we’ll remember for a long time. Jen & Steve, thank you so much for sharing your wonderful wedding day with us. Congratulations!





groom getting ready at homegroomsmen and their bright colourful socksportrait of the groom looking handsome and happyyellow tie and grey suitsparkling wedding shoes & bride's wildflower bouquetbride getting readybride and her bridesmaids looking gorgeous bride and her mom getting readyportraits of the beautiful brideportrait of bride and her parents at homehandmade windmills down the aisleguestbook and snack baryippee!ring bearer running down the aislegroom smiling wide seeing his bride down the aisletears and joytake good care of herbig smiles at the altarsinging togetherring exchangesigning and soil ceremonybursting with joyhurray for the newlywedsso happy walking down the aisle marriedgiant hugyay!happy in lovewalking together into marriagethe fab wedding partybride and her bridesmaids pretty in yellowportraits of the bride and groomgroom and his groomsmen hanging outwalking in a fieldsmooch and a gigglepinwheels, flags and shadesfirst day of summer wedding decor at Kirinawesome cake toppertea ceremony at Kirin Starlighthaving funbride's parents being cutehow do I do this?tea ceremony blingbeloved grandmafamily photo in Kirin's gardenfamily photo with grandmahilarious wedding party entrancecandids of groom's parents

MCs being funnybride's parents candidentrance of the newlywedsclinking of chopstickssmoochgroom looking worried during gamesyes, we won!a toast to the newlywedshappy head tablespeech by maid of honourfunny cake cutting photofirst dancetoasting grandmaparents toasting the tablesgroom's parents toasting the tablesgroom's dad cracking a jokecheers!raising a teapotbeautiful heartfelt momentbest man's toastbridesmaid speechfavourite candid of the groomsmengroom during a gamescavenging for changegetting a phone numbereveryone laughingbride and groom say their thankskiss






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  • Laura

    on July 2, 2014  11:09 pm

    These photos are AMAZING and definitely capture all the highlights and beautiful details. :)

  • Gloria Lau

    on July 2, 2014  11:23 pm

    Love the pics! The day was super fun and you guys made us all very comfortable during the photo session! Can't wait to see more!

    • holly

      on July 3, 2014  8:12 am

      We're so happy to hear it, Gloria! Thank you!

  • Elise

    on July 2, 2014  11:45 pm

    Yay! Beautiful couple, great pix!

  • SY

    on July 2, 2014  11:46 pm

    Gorgeous pictures!

  • Irene

    on July 3, 2014  5:04 am

    Beautiful photos of a beautiful day, Jen and Steve!

  • Robin

    on July 3, 2014  4:53 pm

    Ah! so nice! thank you guys for making Steve and Jen's day wonderful, and making the whole wedding party's life so much easier by being so easy going, but on the ball on everything we had to do that day! You guys are great!

    • holly

      on July 4, 2014  4:47 pm

      Thank you so much, Robin, for your kind words! We're so happy to hear that you had as much fun with us as we did with you.

  • Natalie

    on July 4, 2014  9:52 am

    These are beautiful! The photos really show just how much fun the wedding was and the spirit of the day.

  • Mel

    on July 4, 2014  8:10 pm

    Love the shot of Chris' speech! Truly captures their relationship. Congrats Jen and Steve!!!

  • Chris

    on July 5, 2014  12:21 am

    What a great day! Holly and Roger made it that much more smoother and fun! Thanks for taking such good care of us! Seeing how you captured the day in just these few pictures really speaks to how awesome the day actually was!

    • holly

      on July 7, 2014  8:34 am

      It was a great day wasn't it, Chris? Thank you for being so much fun to work with and for giving your touching speech.

  • Megan

    on July 6, 2014  1:00 am

    Awesome pictures! They really do capture the moments and emotions of the day, in the best way possible! :)

  • Leila

    on July 7, 2014  10:12 pm

    The photos are beautiful! Captured everything so beautifully!

  • Lisa

    on July 18, 2014  9:08 pm

    Roger & Holly have done such great job in capturing special moments of this special day that the wonderful couple can treasure for a lifetime.

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