Jen & Steve’s Picnic in Stanley Park/Engagement Photo Session

engagement photo shoot in Stanley Park with a MinionThe other day we met up with Jen & Steve for their engagement photo session on Third Beach in Stanley Park. Jen & Steve love food as much as we do, so the shoot was really just a good excuse to have a picnic and eat their favourite food, Church’s Chicken and Cupcakes by Heather & Lori. For good measure and some hilarious randomness, Jen & Steve also brought along a giant minion that Steve won at the PNE last year. The minion had a great time photo-bombing the session.

Jen & Steve, thank you for having so much fun in front of our cameras. We really can’t wait for your wedding day.





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  • Justin

    on May 1, 2014  3:16 pm

    Wonderful lighting and shots for an awesome couple!

  • Tammy Lai

    on May 1, 2014  4:05 pm

    Great pics!

  • Dillon

    on May 1, 2014  4:56 pm

    Nice photos (:

  • Chris

    on May 1, 2014  5:07 pm

    Where's the purple minion?!?!?!

  • M

    on May 1, 2014  6:25 pm

    great location! love the pictures :) definitely captured the fun and laughter!

  • Robin Schooley

    on May 1, 2014  7:50 pm

    Gorgeous photos! You look so happy!

  • joy

    on May 1, 2014  9:46 pm

    Wow beautiful pics
    Wish u THE BEST
    BIG HUG from South America

  • Jen

    on May 1, 2014  11:59 pm

    These look amazing! Thank you so much!

    • holly

      on May 2, 2014  6:03 pm

      Thank you for being so much fun to work with, Jen!

  • Derek

    on May 2, 2014  7:13 am

    Very very cute!!

  • Edward

    on May 2, 2014  8:41 am

    Wow nice shots, congrats Jen and Steve! Love the lighting on the night shots!

  • Eugenia

    on May 2, 2014  8:50 am

    You guys look so natural, Jen! The colours of your outfits blend in perfectly with the beach setting. Great hair and smiles, too. Love the photobombing minion!

  • heather

    on May 2, 2014  9:09 am

    the chicken shots are awesome and so apropos for you two. except jen, you should really be force feeding steve vegetables...

  • Tobi

    on May 2, 2014  10:05 am

    Lovely looking couple and lovely engagement pics (and an approving nod to the minion) :) Nice shots!

  • Tobi

    on May 2, 2014  10:13 am

    How romantic! Are those real food, or are they props?!?
    Lovely photos...

  • Tiffany Lam

    on May 2, 2014  10:28 am

    great pictures jen! cute couple!

  • Matthew

    on May 2, 2014  1:57 pm

    These are fantastics pics Jen!

  • Jane

    on May 2, 2014  6:58 pm

    I can hear your laugh through your photos! LOVE the sunset pics! Steve, you dressed very nicely in these pics!

  • Gloria Lau

    on May 2, 2014  7:10 pm

    Can't wait to see the wedding pics!

  • Irene

    on May 2, 2014  10:23 pm

    Great shots!

  • steven

    on May 2, 2014  10:27 pm

    they are nicely done pictures.

  • SY

    on May 2, 2014  10:30 pm

    So romantic!

  • Angela

    on May 3, 2014  1:49 pm

    Love the photos! The Churches Chicken one was awesome. Favourite was the bird's eye view while walking along the beach. :)

  • Vic

    on May 3, 2014  5:14 pm

    =) great photos

  • trudi

    on May 5, 2014  2:09 pm

    My favorite is the minion one! Congratulations; you look happy. T

  • chi

    on May 5, 2014  11:22 pm

    Very nicely done.

  • Brandon Wong

    on May 5, 2014  11:24 pm

    These shots really show your true characters! Beautiful!

  • Photo Expert

    on May 5, 2014  11:32 pm

    Wow! These 2 are best couple Union Photographers have ever shot! Simply your best work here! Incredible! Can we get more of them? <3

  • Natalie

    on May 5, 2014  11:42 pm

    Haha I like the minion in the photo. The forest is beautiful as scenery there.

  • Chung Park

    on May 5, 2014  11:44 pm

    Awesome pictures! I'm assuming that "serious photos" were impossible with these two? This is by far the best photographic display that I've seen. And I'm an American (I have no idea what that means). You're photographers are like your Olympic hockey teams...the best! (Jen/Steve, is this good or should I continue?) More? Ok. The lighting on chicken made my mouth water.
    Seriously, very nice photos.

    • holly

      on May 7, 2014  4:35 pm

      Thank you so much for your kind words, Chung! There definitely was a lot of giggling between Jen & Steve which made us giggle too.

  • PM

    on May 5, 2014  11:49 pm

    I'm told Steve actually wanted the Drumstick!!!!

  • Crystal

    on May 6, 2014  12:12 am

    Love all the pics! The minion is so awesome!

  • Edward Guo

    on May 6, 2014  12:26 am

    These photos are fantastic!! So cute!

  • victor

    on May 6, 2014  1:04 am

    <3 great photos!

  • John

    on May 6, 2014  1:32 am

    Very nice pics.

  • Leila

    on May 6, 2014  10:06 am

    Beautiful photos, Jen and Steve! So sweet!

  • Vicky

    on May 6, 2014  10:56 am

    Great pics guys!!

  • Cheryl

    on May 7, 2014  8:52 am

    super adorable!! love the minion!

  • Becky

    on May 12, 2014  10:37 pm

    Very beautiful picture

  • Uncle David

    on May 13, 2014  7:22 am

    What a lovely couple - I guess the big date is closing in quick!

  • Lisa

    on May 13, 2014  7:31 pm

    Great pictures for a great/fun couple

  • Philip

    on May 16, 2014  11:18 am

    Lovely photos. Lovely couple. Thanks for sharing.

  • Gordon

    on May 20, 2014  8:57 am

    Beautiful! I love that your smiling so much, Jen. And you both clearly love to eat. :-)

  • Robin

    on May 20, 2014  11:44 am

    Love the forest scenes, sepia-tones as well as full-colour - full of affection and joy. The eyes in some of the photos are funny!

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