Kallie & Luke’s Fairytale Wedding at Hycroft Manor and Creekside Community Centre

so in love

Kallie & Luke’s fairytale wedding at Hycroft Manor & Creekside Community Centre was so magical. These two are just so so lovely together and you could see how happy their family and friends were for them. I honestly kept on getting goosebumps all day, the love in the air was that strong.

Kallie is an author of children’s literature so it was only fitting that they had a book theme to their wedding with paper bouquets, corsages and boutonnieres that were handmade by a friend of Kallie & Luke’s. Their friend also made the incredible centrepieces at the reception, and each centrepiece was a different scene from a fairytale. We loved that Kallie & Luke chose to have their ceremony at Hycroft  because her parents were married there too. All in all, it was an amazing day and we feel so lucky to have been a part of it.

On a side note – we have a winner for the best and sneakiest photo bomb we’ve ever had. Can you spot it in the photos below?

Kallie & Luke, thank you so so much for sharing such a special day with us. You two are such a delight to be around. Congratulations!


Hycroft Manorgroomsmen getting ready at Hycroftbride and her dress and shoesbride hugging her momgroom putting his tie ongroom laughing his groomsmengroom putting on his tux jacketgroom and his groomsmenbride getting ready at Hycroftportraits of the bride and the groom at Hycroftbooks for their vowswalking into the ceremonyflower girls in the processionalbridesmaids in the processionalbride and her Dad walking into the wedding ceremonybeaming groombig hug from Dadceremony on the lower lawn at Hycroft Manorhappy familymopping up the sweatgigglesbig smiles from the groomsmentouching vowslove in her eyeshug after the vowgroom and his bridelaughing during the beautiful vowsring exchangesealed with a kissbursting with joyHurray!kissrecessional smileshugs with the flower girlsbig hughappy mother of the bridebig hug from momgrandpahappy grandmafamily photo at Hycroftportrait of the bride and groomso in lovesnuggle in the librarybridal party portrait in Hycroftbride and her bridesmaids in the gardenportraits of the newlywedsswirlingsnuggling upit could be ItalyCreekside Community Centre weddingfairytale wedding cakeentering their receptionenjoying the partylaughing with Dadloving speechbeaming parentsgrooms says his thank yousMom so touched by groom's speechparents give their speechso much lovebrother's speechmaid of honour speechso movedgroomsman's speechhead table laughingtoast to the groomtears in his eyesgigglinglaughing with grandmaflower girl speechsuch loving wordscutting the cakeicing on his nosefirst dance as husband and wifeholding each other closeeverybody dancingdancing with grandpadancing with her dad

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  • Adriane Carr

    on August 22, 2013  3:53 pm

    The most beautiful photos ever, truly capturing the beauty, love and joy in Kallie, Luke and everyone there. It was a perfect wedding. The photos made me laugh and cry all over again.

    • holly

      on August 22, 2013  4:31 pm

      Thank you so much, Adriane. To be honest, I cried working on the photos. So many beautiful moments that day!

  • Vikki

    on August 22, 2013  4:29 pm

    GREAT shots! You guys are the best!

    • holly

      on August 22, 2013  4:32 pm

      Thank you so much for all of your help that day, Vikki!

  • Meagan Robertson

    on August 22, 2013  5:12 pm

    So amazing. You guys really captured those special moments that mean the most. Looking through the photos truly made me re-live the day, and cry yet again! So beautiful!

  • Maryn

    on August 22, 2013  9:40 pm

    A beautiful blend of narrative and portrait photography! It's hard to do the beautiful bride and groom justice, but you did!

  • Tiffany Stone

    on August 22, 2013  10:29 pm

    Beautiful photos from two very talented and hardworking photographers! I particularly love the reaction shots. How amazing to get to see people's reactions to special moments.

  • Kallie

    on August 23, 2013  6:43 pm

    So lovely! Thank you two so much for perfectly capturing the most magical day of my life.

    • holly

      on August 25, 2013  12:45 pm

      Kallie, thank you so much for sharing such an unforgettable day with us!

  • Tanya

    on August 24, 2013  6:17 pm

    Perfect photos of a perfect day!

  • Lindsay

    on August 25, 2013  12:32 pm

    Beautiful! Can't wait to see some of these framed in your Vancouver castle one day!

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