Lindsay & Matt’s Super Fun Engagement Photo Session In Their Cafe, Morrison Cafe

cafe engagement shoot

The other day we were prepping for Lindsay & Matt’s engagement photo session later that evening when Matt called us and asked if we could change the location for the shoot. We were going to go to Granville Island but instead Matt asked if we could do the shoot at their cafe instead. Of course we were happy to comply especially since we love doing engagement shoots at locations that have a lot of meaning for our clients. We were a little nervous as we drove to their cafe, Morrison Cafe in White Rock, heading into a shoot without having done a location scout first. We just didn’t know what to expect. When we drove up to the cafe and saw how lovely it is and saw that Lindsay & Matt were dressed up in cute 50s style outfits, we got so excited. We loved too that they had lots of ideas in mind for the shoot. We always look at our shoots as a collaboration with our clients so we were thrilled that Lindsay & Matt jumped right into the shoot with their awesome ideas. We loved getting to see their cafe and Lindsay was so sweet, sending us home after the shoot with slices of her delicious carrot cake and peanut butter pie. Honestly, we can’t wait to go back to have brunch at their cafe. We know it will be delicious.

Thank you so much, Lindsay & Matt, for such a great shoot! We had so much fun with you and we really can’t wait for your wedding day.


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  • Brenda Nerland

    on July 24, 2013  10:30 am

    These are great photos. They're fun to look at and capture Lindsay & Matt perfectly!

  • Francine Brisson

    on July 24, 2013  6:41 pm

    What original photos! Love the whole 50's style outfits and incorporating the café. My favourite is where you're both looking at the camera in the booth with the milkshake and of course all the other ones with the dog!

  • Mary Macri

    on July 24, 2013  10:55 pm

    These photos are beautiful! Lindsay and Matt look adorable! Love the personal touch and unique settings! Very nice!!!

  • Jennifer Robson

    on July 25, 2013  6:16 am

    These are beautiful photos - great idea to have them done at the cafe! Can't wait to share with you in your wedding day ❤

  • Noel & Christine Macri

    on July 25, 2013  4:05 pm

    Awesome pictures you guys! I bet Art insisted that the car was part of the shoot... haha... Looking forward to seeing you guys in October!

  • Kevin nerland

    on July 26, 2013  8:32 pm

    Great photos! Love the creativity

  • Doug Lattimore

    on July 28, 2013  8:57 am

    Great looking photos! Great looking couple!

  • Vivian Leung

    on July 29, 2013  9:47 am

    Fabulous pictures! Love the 50's theme!

  • Michael Dunn

    on July 30, 2013  3:23 pm

    The photos tell a very romantic narrative. Great Work...great subject matter!


  • Mike

    on July 31, 2013  8:43 pm

    Great photos! They tell the story of Lindsay and Matt perfectly.

  • Pat macri

    on August 8, 2013  12:59 pm

    Thanks for a great job, Holly and Roger. I know the pictures on the wedding day are going to be great!

    • holly

      on August 8, 2013  1:03 pm

      Thank you so much, Pat! We are so excited for the wedding day.

  • Robbie Nastasi

    on August 12, 2013  2:14 pm

    Perfect venue for an adorable couple. Good job!
    They'll have to be careful....that dog is a scene stealer...
    Looking forward to the wedding!

  • Stephanie C

    on August 25, 2013  11:03 pm

    You guys are adorable and fun! Love the photos, so so great!

  • Lisa Rivett

    on September 9, 2013  9:27 am

    Fantastic Photos.

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