Outtake Photos Of Us In Action This Wedding Season

We thought it would be fun to share with you some of our outtake photos of us in action from this year’s wedding season. The photos makes us giggle and we hope they will bring a smile to your face too. No matter how hard we try to look good on the wedding day, we’re usually hot sweaty messes with our shirts hanging out of our pants without 15 minutes of starting working. And our dorky pouches on our belts are there for a good reason. It is where we keep our memory cards. They don’t leave our sides until they’ve been downloaded and backed up at the end of the day.




Roger working with magic with Angeline & Justin’s adorable flower girls. He is so good with the little ones!

After 8 years of photographing weddings I’m now a master at pinning on a boutonniere. Here I am helping out the lovely Paul with his.

Roger in action taking pictures of Nancy’s wedding ring with Bernard holding it.Here is Roger again taking pictures of Nancy & Bernard’s wedding rings together. I love how he used Nancy’s train as a background.Roger took this right before Jenn & Chris’ ceremony was about to start. I love the look on my face as I’m trying to figure out how to shoot in such a tight space without getting in too many people’s way.Me looking super serious as Roger takes a test shot for Kristin & Brian’s family photos. Things were running a little late so we were in major action mode to get all the photos done. In the lovely chaos that comes with toasting the tables we invariably end up in each other’s photos, like we did at Angeline & Justin’s reception.Aren’t the looks on our faces hilarious?

Ooops! Here’s another one from Venita & Darius’ wedding!

We have been known to put guests to work when they come along for the portrait session. : )I love that Roger captured this photo of me talking with Harrison’s grandma about her love for dancing. She barely left the dance floor!I love too that Roger caught this moment of me congratulating the lovely Julie.Here I am jumping into John & Julie’s family photos to adjust Julie’s Dad’s boutonniere. It’s all about the details!
These pics of me reaching my hand into the photo to brush Venita’s hair off her shoulders make me giggle. All part of a day’s work!The sexy lighting test shot. It is always so attractive! At Simone & Wayne’s elopement Roger shared his carpentry skills, helping to fix their adorable handmade sign.I love this pic where I’m giving a big congratulatory hug to the lovely Simone while the officiant has a little cry behind us. Their elopement was so so touching. Of course, I cried too.Sorry, Roger, for getting into your shot!I love that we took this picture with Simone & Wayne before we said goodbye to them. Isn’t Simone so cute with her cheeky wink?