A Special Trip

Well, friends, we are off for a very special trip. We are heading back to Switzerland to help Roger’s Grandma (the beautiful lady in the photo above) celebrate her 80th birthday. We still can’t believe that we are so so lucky to be going to Switzerland again. Roger’s parents and his sister and her boyfriend are going too and it will be wonderful to have the whole family together. To make the whole thing even more special, my Dad is traveling in Europe right now and he’s going to meet up with us in Switzerland. We are so happy to get to see Roger’s extended family again and that my Dad will get to meet everyone. We’ve literally been bouncing off the walls with excitement on the days leading up to our flight. We can’t wait.

We will be back to work on June 18th. The best way to reach us while we’re gone is by email at [email protected]

Until then we’ll think of you while we’re drinking loads of yummy Feldschloessen beer, dancing to a yodeling band at a local festival & eating lots of deelish cheese and bratwurst.

Tchuess mitenand!