Hanoi & Ha Long Bay, Our Last Stops in Vietnam

Hanoi & Ha Long Bay were our last stops in Vietnam. We were amazed at the drop in temperature when we landed in Hanoi. We went from the mid thirties in Ha Noi to 14 degrees in Hanoi. Brrrrr! Hanoi is an intensely busy city during the day and by 10pm at night is strangely quiet. We spent most of our time doing what we like the most – wandering aimlessly & exploring a new city by foot. The street life was vibrant with scooters everywhere, the sidewalks covered with food stalls and all kinds of interesting shops. When we finally checked out some of the more touristy spots we were amazed at the throngs of tourists we found there.

After two nights in Hanoi we went to Ha Long Bay for an overnight cruise on a chinese junk. Ha Long Bay was recently listed as one of the 7 natural wonders of the world. The bay has almost 2000 limestone karsts (or mini islands) which are hauntingly beautiful. We really enjoyed the quiet of being out on the water after the hectic pace of Hanoi.

Our time in Vietnam went by so fast. We’re so glad that we have these photos to remember our trip by. Tomorrow we’ll share photos from the last stop on our trip, Tokyo!


The traffic was even more intense in Hanoi with way more cars, crazy amounts of scooters and really narrow streets. It was terrifying crossing the street.Interesting seeing a guy doing some kind of sewer work in sandals and an army helmet.More crazy wiringThe weirdest store we saw in HanoiTiniest bridal store we’ve ever seenGet your own scooter

 Why carry one coat rack on the back of a scooter when  you can carry several?We took a cooking class in Hanoi. Our instructor took us to the local market to buy supplies and we bought rice papers for spring rolls from this lovely lady.Who gave Roger such a big knife? Yikes!Making spring rolls (and one of the only photos of us together from this trip!)Ho Chi Minh’s mausoleumSo many tour buses
The Temple of Literature, a 1000 year old university in HanoiConfucius saysAfter a crazy bus ride we were happy to get on our Chinese Junk in Halong BayWe had a great afternoon paddling through the beautiful limestone karstsAnd tripping through a huge dark cavefloating village in Halong Baywaiting for all of us silly tourists