Not Exactly Paradise on Phu Quoc Island, Vietnam

The second stop on our trip in Vietnam was Phu Quoc Island. We were so looking forward to Phu Quoc, to getting some relaxing island time in after the craziness of Saigon. You know how we hinted in our previous post about the highs and lows of travel? Well, the first night that we arrived at our lovely little cabin in the countryside on the island I came down with a really bad stomach flu. It knocked me out for 2 days and then of course Roger came down with it too and he was knocked out for 2 days. We only had booked 4 nights at this lovely little resort and most of it we spent inside our cabin or wandering around on our own while the other was sick. Boo! So much for our romantic time on a tropical island. What we did get to see was lovely though and the food we had at our resort was the best we had the whole trip. We still drool when we think about it. We were lucky enough to meet a lot of lovely people that were staying at the same resort. That is one of the things we really enjoy about traveling is getting to meet so many fabulous people.

Tomorrow we’ll share pictures from our favourite stop on our trip.

signature We loved the red dirt roads on the islandOur first time seeing cashews growing on the tree!The road to Freedomland, the lovely little resort we stayed atThe kitchen at Freedomland that produced amazing mealsEvery night the owner, Peter, would host all the guests at a long table dinner with 5 amazing courses. It was incredible and we were bummed that we each missed two nights of Peter’s food because we were sick.Guests introducing themselves at dinner.
a yummy huge prawn from our first dinner at FreedomlandBBQ prawns on lemongrass skewers from our last dinner at FreedomlandThe lovely Zoe & Sharon that we met at Freedomland Our last night on the island we stayed in town and had dinner at the night marketWe didn’t eat conch or sharks thoughJust more jumbo prawns