Joy-O-Vision: Having fun at Playground

Happy Monday, everyone! What is bringing you joy these days? For us it was having fun at Playground.Is last night. What the heck is Playground? Well, it is this amazing idea where they put together a band and an audience and we record a song together in an hour. We were a little nervous about going since neither of us are very musical at all. We absolutely love music and we always push ourselves to try something new so we jumped at the chance to go last night. And boy oh boy did we have a great time. The experience was amazing. The environment in the room was welcoming and joyous and we felt immediately at ease. We sang our hearts out (even with a microphone a meter away from us) and we played our instruments with all that we had. Roger’s instrument was a big garbage can and I hit a plastic tub with a wooden spoon. We had a blast as we sang, hit our drums and danced in our seats. The band, the Human Statues, were so fun and did a great job at leading us. It was a really wonderful feeling to create something together and we can’t wait to hear the recording.

Thank you to all of the incredible organizers of Playground. You guys rock!


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  • Rosemary

    on January 30, 2012  8:59 pm


    This looks like serious amounts of fun!!! I gotta check this out when I come home...

    And I can definitely see Roger channeling his drumming prowess..while downing that beer, haha.

    • holly

      on January 31, 2012  9:59 am

      It was sooo fun & I think Roger might run away to join a band with his garbage can drum!

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