Michael & Jared’s Intimate Wedding at Brock House

Michael & Jared’s intimate wedding at Brock House was wonderful. Jared & Michael are  so so sweet together. Jared has the best most infectious giggle we’ve heard in ages and Michael is really gentle-hearted. We really loved how they made their wedding their own and a reflection of themselves. Michael & Jared had no flowers in their wedding, because they don’t like them. Instead they had handsome brooches made for themselves and their wedding party and Colin Upright created masculine decor for them that was filled with blue lights. It was our first wedding where they didn’t have an aisle – they just walked around their guests during the ceremony and met at the top. Michael’s parents created some lovely handmade touches for Michael & Jared. They made the fun sticks with ribbons and bells on them that all the guests used to cheer the newly married couple. They also made the fake mustaches which were a huge hit with their guests. Everyone broke out in silly voices when the mustaches came out. It was hilarious. Jared & Michael had one of the best cake cuts we’ve ever seen – they used a Katana (a Japanese Samurai sword) to cut the cake. It was awesome.

Thank you so much, Michael & Jared, for sharing your unforgettable wedding day with us. Congratulations!





Michael’s Mom put this adorable message on the bottom of their shoes.
The lovely Jared getting ready The handsome Michael getting ready. We loved how Jared’s best woman, Alanna, wore a tieWe loved too that Michael’s best man, Justin, wore a kilt!

Jared brought his Katana with him that Michael gave him on their anniversary  to cut the cake with. which of course, Roger couldn’t resist playing with!Aren’t Jared & Michael so great together?

A super fun bunch!
We headed to Jericho Beach for more portraits since that was where Michael proposed to Jared.It was such a treat for us to photograph a couple on Jericho when the beach was empty. First kiss as husband & husband and a cheer from their loved ones!I love this photo that Roger captured of Jared & Michael. Can’t you just feel their joy? Jared & Michael painted a beautiful painting for all of their guests. Isn’t that so thoughtful?Their cake cutting was the best we’ve seen! So fun that they used a Katana.Everyone had so much fun playing with the fake mustaches that Michael’s parents made.

We’re so thankful that Jared & Michael wanted a picture with us. Thanks, guys, for making us feel part of the party!

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  • Jared

    on October 22, 2011  2:34 am

    We cant begin to thank you guys enough! Your brilliance and humor helped make our day! :) You made it comfortable and fun to be photographed for an afternoon and evening. Thank you very much for capturing the best moments of our best day for us!!!

    (And Holly - you have a pretty darn infectious laugh yourself!!!)

  • Louise Ross

    on October 22, 2011  3:11 am

    dear Holly and Roger,
    AGAIN You Both have captured the spirit..Kindness, Love, Happiness, Laughter, Joy of Sharing..so much more.
    All to be felt in your photography. Beautiful.
    I send Blessings for this Wonderful, now a married couple, to have together Love, Kindness and Sharing of their joined life. You do so capture the Beauty. Words are so inadequate.
    Happiness & Health, My Best Regards, Louise

  • Michael Simcoe

    on October 22, 2011  3:21 am

    YAY!! you guys are amazing photographers! Thankyou so much!!!!!!

    It was great to work with you two :)


  • sandi piddington

    on October 22, 2011  6:34 am

    Beautiful pictures and they tell such a wonderful story . Both the grooms look so happy !

  • Leah Simcoe

    on October 22, 2011  3:42 pm

    Wow!! These are so good! Really captured the fun and love that was at the wedding. Love them all :)

  • Carolyn Minns

    on October 22, 2011  6:00 pm

    You captures the moment's that really matter, what a awesome jog you guys !!! Can't wait to see the rest of them!!!!!

    • Carolyn Minns

      on October 22, 2011  6:03 pm

      You guy's captured the moments that really matter!! awesome job you guys! Can't wait to see the rest of the photo's...

  • Sandra Simcoe

    on October 29, 2011  2:32 am

    Wonderful pictures, really captured the love they are so lucky to have found with eachother. One of my favs is Michael and Jared, Michael has his arms around Jared and their hands are intertwined, so sweet brought tears to my eyes!

    Thanks for the pictures!!

  • Corie Ives

    on November 8, 2011  10:12 am

    Wonderful photo's!! Stellar! Congrat's you guys! xo

  • Lily

    on November 20, 2011  6:43 pm

    the jericho beach pictures almost brought a tear to my eye! such a ridiculously sweet couple.

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