Adrienne & Paul’s Engagement Photos at UBC

Adrienne & Paul are a lovely couple. We really enjoyed getting to know them better during their engagement photo shoot up at UBC. Adrienne & Paul went to UBC so they wanted to have their photos done on campus. We met up with them at the Museum of Anthropology and walked around their beautiful grounds to capture these photos. We loved how Adrienne & Paul brought props with them which meant something to them. It always helps the photos to have more of a personal touch when our clients do this. They brought their scrabble game which Roger had the idea of incorporating into their save the date cards. They also brought along cupcakes and the photos of them sharing a cupcake are super cute.

Thanks, Adrienne & Paul, for a fun photo shoot. We’re really looking forward to your wedding.

Holly & Roger

This is my favourite shot that Roger captured of Adrienne & Paul

And this is Roger’s favourite shot that I captured of Adrienne & Paul

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  • Sofia

    on August 5, 2011  1:11 pm

    Amazing shots!!! Congrats!!

  • Lauren

    on August 5, 2011  3:48 pm

    Awesome photos! Can't wait to see the wedding photos in just a few short months! :)

  • Daniela Clarotto

    on August 5, 2011  4:10 pm

    Great pictures....looking forward to the wedding album..

  • Pat

    on August 8, 2011  10:05 am

    Great photos! Beautiful setting.

  • Neal

    on August 8, 2011  10:18 am

    Really good pictures and a beautiful setting. I hope the cupcakes were good!

  • Francesco

    on August 9, 2011  11:33 am

    ...nicely composed and balanced...reminds me of several classic paintings... wish you had posted more...looking forward to tight closeups... more please.

  • Adam

    on August 9, 2011  9:07 pm

    Nice photos. Are you going for another round?

  • Glen

    on August 9, 2011  9:26 pm

    Very nice pictures; I really like the colours. The last shot makes me think of the Wizard of Oz with the ruby slippers and grass setting.

  • Sylvia

    on August 10, 2011  7:30 am

    VERY cute, you two. Great location choice! I like the candids the best.

  • Anne Orr

    on August 10, 2011  9:35 am

    lovely photos - very romantic!

  • Adrienne

    on August 11, 2011  1:46 pm

    Thanks Holly and Roger - we had so much fun!

  • Carly Youngson

    on August 11, 2011  1:47 pm

    Awesome photos! I liked the scrabble, cupcake, and photo of your shoes :-)

  • Paul

    on August 11, 2011  8:33 pm

    We had a lot of fun doing this photo shoot and I am really glad we chose you as our photographers! Great job!!

  • Jeannette

    on August 11, 2011  9:23 pm

    Awesome shots! Can't wait til the wedding!!

  • Holly

    on August 15, 2011  10:24 am

    Awesome pictures! I really liked the cupcake shots.

  • Cari Clarotto

    on August 15, 2011  4:07 pm

    What a lovely surprise. I agree with Checo, I would like more close-ups. The "leg shot" was a nice fun surprise. It looks like you all had a lot of fun that day! More! More!
    XOXOXO Auntie Cari

  • Elena Sanchez

    on March 24, 2012  1:55 am

    Beautiful! Congrats!

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