Joan & Ed’s QE Celebration Pavilion & Kirin Restaurant Wedding

Joan & Ed are so kind and just lovely together. We really enjoyed getting to spend their wedding day with them and getting to meet their friends and family. We had met some of Ed’s family before at his cousin Tetie’s wedding that we photographed in 2009. We are always so touched to get a referral from our Union members (thanks, Tetie & Miguel!). We discovered that we had another connection with Ed – he studied photography at Langarra just like Roger did! We tried to keep our photography geek talk to a minimum during the portrait session so that we didn’t bore Joan too much!

Joan & Ed had their ceremony at the Celebration Pavilion in QE Park.  Their morning wedding ceremony was intimate with just close family and friends. In the afternoon we worked like little bees in order to create a slideshow of the morning’s images for Joan & Ed to show at their reception. At their banquet at Kirin City Square Restaurant they had many more guests than were at the ceremony so it was nice for them to see some pictures from the morning. To do something fun for their guests, Joan & Ed had trivia questions about themselves that their MC read out. The first guest to text the correct answer to the MC won a prize. Isn’t that  great idea? All in all, we had an excellent day with Joan & Ed. The time zoomed right by.

Congratulations, Joan & Ed! Thank you so much for having us along on such a phenomenal day.

Holly & Roger

I love the photo on the right that I captured of Ed taking a big breath before the ceremony started.

These make me giggle. Aren’t they so cute?

Their first kiss was one of the fastest that we’ve ever seen!

It was so lovely to see Tetie & Miguel again!

Joan & Ed had trivia questions about themselves that the MC read out and their guests texted the answer to win prizes. Such a great idea!