Julia & Ian’s Brock House Wedding

Julia & Ian’s wedding at Brock House Restaurant was amazing. I think I cried about 6 or 7 times throughout the day at all of the love and tenderness that was surrounding this marvelous couple. (If I’m totally honest with you, I also cried a few times working on the photos too!) The tent at Brock House was bursting at the seams with joy. It was awesome  for us to witness Julia & Ian’s loving glow.

Ian told his cousin Mike when he was 9 years old that he would drive to his wedding in his grandpa’s MG and he did it! I’m so lucky that I got to share that drive with him. (Thanks, Ian!)

We arranged a first look for Julia & Ian which was a sweet moment. Julia was so cute jumping for joy when she first saw Ian. We loved too how Julia & Ian walked into their ceremony together. During the ceremony under the big beautiful tree at Brock House they had readings from “The Velveteen Rabbit” and “Oh the Places You’ll Go“, which were lovely. (Yup, I cried!) The joyful way that Julia yelled out “I do!” during the ceremony was absolutely awesome.

Julia & Ian had lots of personal touches in their wedding. Julia knit her gorgeous shawl which was her something blue. Julia also loves gardening so the place cards had gum boots on them and the table numbers were different gardening shapes like a watering can and a potted plant. Granville Island Florist created the gorgeous bouquets and centerpieces with lots of pretty peonies. The guests had to sing a song with the word love in it to get the couple to kiss and everyone kept on singing throughout the reception. One of the many touching things about their wedding was how after Julia & Ian’s parents finished their speeches they hugged each other. It is wonderful how two families become one after a wedding.

Kiren and her team from DreamGroup did a fabulous job keeping the day running smoothly and on time, which allowed Julia & Ian to just enjoy their day. Mink Makeup + Hair did amazing and fun things with the ladies’ hair and everyone’s makeup was stunning. DJ Scott from Garry Robertson DJ Entertainment kept all the guests dancing into the night.

Thank you so much, Julia & Ian, for sharing such a memorable day with us. You two are an inspiration. Congratulations!

Holly & Roger

Ian in his Grandpa’s MG

We love doing “first looks” with our clients. It is so fun.

Isn’t their joy infectious? They are just so sweet together.

We loved how Ian had a groomswoman.

I loved how Ian & Julia’s parents hugged each other after they had finished their speeches.

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  • Julia

    on July 16, 2011  2:45 pm

    Union Photographers are the BEST! These photos are so great. Thanks for capturing all the memories!

  • Alison Winters

    on July 16, 2011  3:53 pm

    Wonderful blog, fantastic pictures. Can't wait to see more!

  • Jeannie

    on July 16, 2011  4:06 pm

    It was one of the best wedding albums I've ever viewed. I am so happy for the both of you, Julia and Ian! (;_;)

  • Kris

    on July 17, 2011  10:01 am

    Amazing pictures! You both captured the day and the happy couple beautifully!

  • Mark

    on July 17, 2011  11:37 am

    Great photos guys!

  • Felix

    on July 17, 2011  12:05 pm

    Very impressive pictures, and I like the enthusiastic narrative :)

  • Andie

    on July 17, 2011  1:05 pm

    Absolutely stunning pictures! Julia, you were a gorgeous bride! I hope Mark and I can get our hands on a few copies :)

  • Stephen Winters

    on July 17, 2011  2:00 pm

    These marvelous pictures capture what seems now like a day in a fairy tale.

  • Alison

    on July 17, 2011  2:25 pm

    I love all the pictures! You did an excellent job capturing the joy and excitement of the day!

  • Donna Anderson

    on July 18, 2011  7:21 am

    Congrats Ian and Julia, it looked like an amazing day. You are both beautiful. What awesome pictures and memories.

  • Duncan Mathieson

    on July 18, 2011  10:05 am

    Great photos of a great couple!

  • Jan Walls

    on July 18, 2011  10:42 am

    Moving photo's from the most perfect "feel good" wedding and banquet I've ever attended!

  • Tugce Simpson

    on July 18, 2011  10:44 am

    These pictures are awesome! I feel like I haven't missed anything. I also checked for baby/family photography and happy to see that they do it, too!

  • Sarah

    on July 18, 2011  11:09 am

    What beautiful genuine energy... the photographers really captured it. I'm glad to see you had such a wonderful day of celebration. Congrats!

  • Kat

    on July 18, 2011  2:30 pm

    Great photos, beautiful day :)

  • Lillian McClanaghan

    on July 18, 2011  4:09 pm

    Beautiful photos of Julia & Ian, their families, and the wedding party. The photos capture all the joy, and magic that was in the air on that special day.

  • Jim Middler

    on July 18, 2011  4:17 pm

    Excellent pictures, really captured the atmosphere. So much more than just a photo-documentary.

  • Susan Mathieson

    on July 18, 2011  6:02 pm

    Absolutely wonderful photos - they really capture Ian and Julia. By the way, very comfortable photographers to have at the wedding - always happy and smiling, polite and accomodating and worked tirelessly. Kudos to Union!

  • Janis

    on July 18, 2011  6:38 pm

    Very impressive pictures capturing the very best moments. A great job of the photographers! Yay~

  • Barb Read

    on July 18, 2011  7:47 pm

    Terrific pictures! Thanks for sharing.

  • Chris Ong

    on July 18, 2011  8:45 pm

    Memorable and fun pictures! Great job capturing all the special moments.

  • Lauren

    on July 18, 2011  9:16 pm

    Congratulations!! The photos are so beautiful!

  • Kit-ping Lee

    on July 18, 2011  10:08 pm

    Thank you for sharing these marvelous pictures. Through their lenses, the photographers encapsulate the precious moments so eloquently.

  • Jacky Liu

    on July 19, 2011  12:52 am

    Congratulations to Julia and Ian, I am very sorry that I cannot attend this lovely wedding as I am in Hong Kong. Looking at all the photos somehow comfort me a bit =] I hope you all are having a great time now. God bless you always.

  • Kristen Read

    on July 19, 2011  6:39 am

    Looks like it was a beautiful wedding. Congrats to the couple! The photographs truly seem to capture the atmosphere of the happy day.

  • Dave Stenason

    on July 19, 2011  8:01 am

    Wonderful photos of a wonderful event. Nice to see the famous MGB in fine form!

  • Debbie Cox

    on July 19, 2011  8:30 am

    Absolutely stunning photographs! A photographer to be recommended!

  • Judy Ho

    on July 19, 2011  8:50 am

    I really like all the joyful expressions and touching moments captured. These pics will be a good way esp for the couple to go back with loving memories of the whole thing years later.

  • Ian Mathieson

    on July 19, 2011  9:17 am

    Couldn't be happier with the photos, Holly and Roger are amazing!

  • Alison Lee

    on July 19, 2011  9:47 am

    The blog and the pictorial tribute elegantly and vivaciously recapitulate the joyous moments and enchanting spirit of the wedding day for Julia, Ian, their families, and close friends. They will bring us great joy and very fond memories for many years to come. Kudos to Union. Brilliant work!

  • Dharold Read

    on July 19, 2011  10:19 am

    Wonderful day...wonderful memories!
    So glad we were there.

  • Edith Lo

    on July 19, 2011  10:32 am

    Magnificent wedding, magnificent photos,
    Congratulations to the newlyweds, Julia and Ian!

  • Nadya

    on July 19, 2011  11:05 am

    These photos are fantastic! My favourite is the one of you two walking under a tree - so gorgeous!

  • mitch seguin

    on July 19, 2011  12:02 pm

    Amazing pictures guys! I really wish I could have made it! Best of luck.

  • Bing Yee

    on July 19, 2011  1:32 pm

    An exceptional photo exhibit! Bravo! Thank you for sharing and posting.

  • Nica

    on July 19, 2011  3:05 pm

    These pictures are beautiful, you two looked amazing together . It looked like a celebrity wedding which is clearly why no riff raff were invited:) Congratulations to you both!

  • Eugénie

    on July 19, 2011  3:45 pm

    Picture-book perfect! Congratulations, Ian & Julia; may you have a beautiful future together.

  • Sascha

    on July 19, 2011  3:49 pm

    Aweosme pictures! Congrats on the big days guys, it looked amazing.

  • Siu Guji

    on July 19, 2011  9:54 pm

    These dazzling pictures taken by Roger and Holly radiate much tender love, true happiness, and exuberance we all witnessed at the wedding. A picture is worth a thousand words. This pictorial essay helps us re-live the joyful moments and brings us unforgettable memories for many years to come.

  • Owen

    on July 20, 2011  12:34 am

    Photos of such quality will extend and expand the joy and love which we were fortunate to witness on the wedding day for a very long time, they caught the emotions in such a beautiful way that the vivid memories of this happy marriage will be with us forever and ever.

  • Kim Chafee

    on July 20, 2011  6:52 am

    Beautiful wedding. Beautiful photos.
    Congratulations to the newlyweds!

  • Robert Anderson

    on July 20, 2011  7:47 am

    Amazing photos and albumn, you guys look great

  • Wan Heiman

    on July 20, 2011  10:23 am

    These fabulous photos vividly display the joyous atmosphere and blissful mood for the bride and groom and their guests at the wedding party. What a wonderful showcase!

  • Miranda

    on July 20, 2011  12:03 pm

    What a lovely couple! The wedding looked like fabulous fun. Congratulations!

  • Jenny, Yim & Dawn Tse

    on July 20, 2011  1:03 pm

    Hi Holly & Roger,
    It was nice seeing you again at the wedding! The pictures really brought back the beautiful memories of the wedding. Seeing the marvelous pictures, I know you both had put your heart and soul in capturing the stunning beauty of the bride, the joy and the excitement of the special day. Excellent job!
    We also like you to know we still enjoy the family album very much and our friends are impressed with our album too.
    Best wishes,
    Jenny, Yim & Dawn

  • Frank

    on July 20, 2011  6:29 pm

    Really great photographs for a very memorable occasion. Congratulations to Julia and Ian!

    With best wishes, Frank

  • Mandy

    on July 21, 2011  9:29 am

    Amazing photos! Honestly, this may be the most beautiful and heartwarming wedding album that I've ever seen. The photographers are exceptional (although I'm sure it doesn't hurt that the subjects are stunning!).

  • Linda Wong

    on July 21, 2011  11:53 am

    This is a very sweet blog and the photos are very beautiful. One of the best wedding photos I ever seen.

  • Angie Hsu

    on July 21, 2011  1:36 pm

    What a beautiful wedding. Congratulations to the newly weds. The photos are excellent.

  • Swin Chai

    on July 21, 2011  1:40 pm

    I love the "first look" moment. Great job photographers and congratulations to the couple!

  • "Father of the Bride" movie fan

    on July 21, 2011  1:49 pm

    God bless this beautiful couple, so classic for our cosmopolitan hometowm of Vancouver. Artistically I like those black and white photos the best: they have a unique sentimentality to it. As a parent, I very much enjoy the tea-serving cermony and the pocket-money bestowing scenes captured so gracefully by an apparently very skillful professional.

  • Fan of the "MG"

    on July 21, 2011  2:11 pm

    Wonderful blog and what an impressive array of gorgeous pictures one after the other! Thanks to Roger and Holly. Congrats to Julia and Ian. They deserve the best!

  • A Super Loyal Fan of the Canucks

    on July 21, 2011  2:52 pm

    Excellent photography captivates you. It also tells us a story. Looking at all these stunning pictures, it is clear that both the photographers and the wedding party are singing in unison—“Julia and Ian, our heartfelt congratulations. We are truly happy for you. You are a fantastic couple and your life will be filled with beautiful moments!”

  • Alice

    on July 21, 2011  3:11 pm

    Wonderful photos and gorgeous day! Congrats!

  • Anita Tong

    on July 21, 2011  4:13 pm

    Beautiful pictures and beautiful couple!

  • Stella

    on July 21, 2011  4:41 pm

    Beautiful and creative photos ! What a love story ! Congratulations !

  • Unca T

    on July 21, 2011  4:49 pm

    Creative and smashing shots. Exceptional!

  • Flora Lee

    on July 21, 2011  5:17 pm

    Outstanding collection of the wedding pictures for the extraordinary couple! Marvelous!

  • Steve & Gracie Perkins

    on July 21, 2011  6:32 pm

    Unique shots! We relived that beautiful day through these photos. Congratulations to Ian and Julia - you make a great couple.

  • Emily Chan

    on July 21, 2011  7:12 pm

    Oh.... very touching! Our next generation getting married, full of LOVE and JOY! May GOD bless them on their whole life!

  • Yin Ming Kam

    on July 21, 2011  7:15 pm

    Thanks for sharing your joy. It's wonderful.

  • Jordan Yu

    on July 21, 2011  7:29 pm

    Excellent pictures and truly wonderful moment. Congratulations to Julia and Ian, and the whole family members!

  • Fanmei Chen

    on July 21, 2011  7:49 pm

    Congrats to Julia and Ian! You are made for each other! Absolutely awesome pictures! Glad we're able to share your joy by looking at the wonderful pictures.

  • Gulengul Erbakan

    on July 22, 2011  1:50 am

    With this wonderful photos we feel like we 're near you. Congratulations lovely Julia and Ian.

  • Lisa Wong

    on July 22, 2011  1:58 am

    Dear Julia and Ian,

    You both look fabulous. Julia, I like your own hand-knitted shawl. Although we have not met before, hopefully we will have the opportunity to meet up later either in HK or Vancouver.

  • Gürkan BASARA

    on July 22, 2011  2:38 am

    Congratulations to new ,lovely couple:Julia and Ian. I felt like I was at the party when look at the amazing pictures.Then,I felt your all happiness.
    The family is getting bigger :)))

  • Fulya Başara

    on July 22, 2011  3:35 am

    Congratulations Julia,Ian and your parents. You look amazing...so beautiful,so handsome,so so so .. . I wish you all the best , a happy, healthy,long life together

  • Hazel Chan

    on July 22, 2011  4:11 am

    Hi Julia and Ian. I'm a former student of Alison. Congratulations! You are such beautiful couple, showered with love! My wonderful wishes to you!

  • Hazel Chan

    on July 22, 2011  4:40 am

    Wish you two 如琴如瑟 ! (Julia, the quote is from 詩經, the earliest book of Chinese poetry. It's your mom, my former Chinese teacher, who has inspired me to love poetry!)

  • Beth

    on July 22, 2011  6:34 am

    How nice to relive a beautiful day!
    I've never seen pictures capture emotions so well. Great job Union and many years of happiness to Ian and Julia - we love you two!

  • Laurel

    on July 22, 2011  6:35 am

    I was really happy to see a picture of me and it was after I stole a kiss from Ian. (Laurel, 6 years)

  • Alex

    on July 22, 2011  6:37 am

    I just want to say "have a good wedding and I hope your kids listen to you when you have kids" - Alex, 4 with help from Laurel, 6

  • Trapper (Tim's lead sled dog)

    on July 22, 2011  6:39 am

    The rest of the sled dog team and I wanted to wish Julia and Ian the best...we don't know why we weren't invited to the wedding. Tim's lead dog Barney got to be ring bearer with Ian at Tim and Beth's wedding, why couldn't I be ring bearer at this wedding??? Run silent, run dogs!

  • April (Tim's real lead sled dog)

    on July 22, 2011  6:40 am

    Ignore, what Trapper wrote - he is a goof. I'm the real leader of the team and I just want to wish Ian and Julia the best of everything - they deserve it. Big lick and woof!

  • Georgia (Beth's horse)

    on July 22, 2011  6:41 am

    Best wishes to a pretty filly and a handsome stud!

  • Shelby (Tim's horse)

    on July 22, 2011  6:43 am

    What is going on?, why are you letting animals leave comments - this is crazy....it's hard to type with only hooves.

  • Gözde

    on July 22, 2011  9:48 am

    The pictures are great=))I wish you will be happy together forever=))And Allison I have to confess that I've also cried=))

  • Sylvia

    on July 22, 2011  10:53 am

    Fantastic photos of a wonderful couple and a beautiful day!

  • annie

    on July 22, 2011  5:02 pm

    Congratulations Julia,Ian and your parents. All photos are amazing.

  • Amanda Chan

    on July 22, 2011  8:36 pm

    Gorgeous! The photos tell the joy, their lives with love and happiness. Julia and Ian, wish you a wonderful beginning and, and love to the last of a lifetime. The album keeps every happy moment for both the newlyweds the photographer.

  • Betty Tiu

    on July 23, 2011  9:09 pm

    The photos capture the best moment of Julia & Ian's great day.Congratulation to you two.(I'm a former student of Alison also)

  • Wade

    on July 23, 2011  9:22 pm

    Terrific pictures. Congratulations Ian and Julia!

  • Po Yee Poon

    on July 24, 2011  7:48 am

    Fantastic pictures! Wish you a life time of happiness. I am a former student of Ms. Lee and so glad to share the joy of her family from the pictures. I can "see" the joy from the photos!

  • Monique Sze

    on July 24, 2011  10:49 pm

    What a wonderful wedding! Thanks for sharing the wonderful moment with us.

  • Alexander Lee

    on July 25, 2011  8:54 am

    I really like the color of the suit of the best-men, the light-grey color is really nice, and it matches with maid-of-honor's dresses. What a thoughtful design by the producer! Congratulations to Julia, and I had a wonderful time back there.

  • Jennifer Hsu

    on July 25, 2011  10:34 am

    Congratulations to Julia and Ian and also to Alison and Stephen!

    I still remember Julia being 10 or 11 years old. Now she is such a beautiful young lady with grace. The photos are simply elegant. The photographer did a great job!

  • Beycan

    on July 26, 2011  8:57 am

    These pictures look amazing! Hoping the best for you two today and forever.. Happy married life!!

  • Lin Qun

    on July 26, 2011  9:31 am

    These pictures are very beautiful! Congratulations to Julia and Ian, and Alison and Stephen family!

  • Xia Lin

    on July 26, 2011  3:10 pm

    Congratulations to Julia and Ian! The photographer did a great job!

  • Wei He

    on July 26, 2011  3:17 pm

    Amazing photos!!! Congratulations Ian and Julia!

  • Youling Shen

    on July 26, 2011  3:25 pm

    Julia and Ian, I wish you both of you a beautiful life. You both look gorgeous in the photos. Congratulations!!! (Alison's best friend in China)

  • Eric He

    on July 26, 2011  3:26 pm

    Congratulations to Julia and Ian!!!

  • Lisa Lin

    on July 26, 2011  3:31 pm

    Nice Photos!!! I wish your a marriage filled with love and laughter.

  • Wilson

    on July 26, 2011  3:33 pm

    Julia and Ian, congratulations on your wedding!!!

  • Chuan

    on July 26, 2011  3:36 pm

    Congratulations to both Ian and Julia!!!

  • Hong Lin

    on July 26, 2011  3:39 pm

    Amazing photos. Congratulations!!

  • Wenzhao

    on July 26, 2011  3:41 pm

    Ian and Julia both look gorgeous. Congratulations to both of you and your family.

  • Peipei

    on July 26, 2011  3:44 pm

    Wishing you both a beautiful wedded life. Congrats!

  • Jeffrey

    on July 26, 2011  3:47 pm

    Congratulations to the Newlyweds!

  • Huihui

    on July 26, 2011  3:49 pm

    Wishing the two of you every happiness!!! Congratulations!

  • Jason

    on July 26, 2011  3:51 pm

    Best wishes to Ian and Julia.

  • Maggie

    on July 26, 2011  3:52 pm

    Congratulations to Ian and Julia. You guys look gorgeous in the photos.

  • Jas

    on July 26, 2011  3:55 pm

    What a beautiful beginning of a new journey!!! Congratulations!

  • Joanna Wong

    on July 26, 2011  3:58 pm

    Fantastic photos!!! Congratulations on your marriage!

  • Leisha

    on July 26, 2011  4:01 pm

    Congratulations. We wish you every happiness as you begin your life together!

  • Helen Lin

    on July 26, 2011  4:02 pm

    Julia and Ian, congratulations on your wedding!!!

  • Ming Pan

    on July 26, 2011  8:06 pm

    Fantastic photos. Congratulations on your wedding!

  • Louis Pong

    on July 26, 2011  9:19 pm

    May God's blessing be with you always!

  • Michelle Lee

    on July 27, 2011  1:36 am

    Very touching! Even I am in Hong Kong, by seeing these photos I can share the happiness of the couple, their families and friends. Julia is so charming from every angle!

  • Michelle Kam

    on July 27, 2011  10:17 am

    Julia, you are the most charming bride I've ever met. Ian, you the most lucky man in the world. May God bless your family for ever.
    This is also the most happy moment for Alison and Stephen. Congratulations.

  • Lin

    on July 27, 2011  2:47 pm

    Congratulations! Such beautiful pictures!

  • Shen Youling

    on July 27, 2011  2:49 pm


  • Ryan

    on July 27, 2011  8:30 pm

    Great photos! Lovely wedding guys!

  • Lin De mao

    on July 28, 2011  4:57 am

    What a beautiful weedding ceremony and marvelous pictures !

  • jim

    on July 28, 2011  10:28 pm

    Congratulations Julia,Ian and your parents. Great photos!

  • yan

    on July 28, 2011  10:31 pm

    Best wishes on your wedding day!

  • joanne

    on July 28, 2011  10:35 pm

    Good health, good luck and happiness for every day.

  • walter

    on July 28, 2011  10:41 pm

    Wish you a happy marriage and hoping that your life together will be rich in joy and love....

  • james

    on July 28, 2011  10:44 pm

    Best wishes for your of happiness and love !

  • dave

    on July 28, 2011  10:50 pm

    Congratulations! and sincere wishes for a long and very devoted life of love and happiness.

  • cathy

    on July 28, 2011  10:53 pm

    Happy days are here to stay! Best wishes to both of you.

  • meison

    on July 28, 2011  10:57 pm

    Here's wishing you good luck, joy and happiness!

  • Guang Xiao ying

    on July 29, 2011  1:13 am

    Thanks photogaphers! Wonderful Wedding ceremony! I like it very much!

  • chaoying

    on July 29, 2011  9:03 am

    How nice to relive a beautiful day!Congratulations!

  • ellen

    on July 29, 2011  9:07 am

    Congratulations to the newlyweds, Julia and Ian! Absolutely awesome pictures!

  • evita

    on July 29, 2011  9:08 am

    Congratulations! You are both beautiful. What awesome pictures and memories.

  • Andrea Mathieson

    on July 31, 2011  12:10 pm

    Beautiful pictures of a beautiful wedding...congratulations to the happy couple.

  • Mark Paddey

    on July 31, 2011  12:11 pm

    Pretty sweet :)

  • Jen Squibb

    on July 31, 2011  12:13 pm

    I love weddings, and this wedding looks fantastic. Congratulations to the happy couple!

  • Nicole Prins

    on July 31, 2011  3:52 pm

    Congrats Ian and Julia! The pictures are gorgeous and you both look so happy! Cheers!

  • Dee

    on July 31, 2011  4:56 pm

    Beautiful photos! Andrea has only said wonderful things about the wedding. Congrats to you both :)!

  • Gillan Labonte

    on July 31, 2011  6:03 pm

    What a beautiful wedding! Congratulations!

  • Tori Mathieson

    on July 31, 2011  7:00 pm

    Congratulations Ian and Julia :) the pictures look awesome

  • Melissa Buttineau

    on July 31, 2011  8:13 pm

    Congrats Ian and Julia...your pictures are amazing!!! Looks like a great day was had by all.

  • Luisa Rosas

    on August 1, 2011  8:40 am

    Loooove the photos!! Again, congratulations to the lovely couple!!

  • Rocky & Martha Cheung

    on August 1, 2011  9:02 am

    Julia & Ian Congratulations! Known your parents over 25 years...so happy for Alison & Steve as well!

  • Elizabeth

    on August 1, 2011  3:51 pm

    Amazing photos. You guys look incredible!

  • Rebecca

    on August 1, 2011  4:14 pm

    Congrats! Beautiful picture!

  • Michael Sarty

    on August 1, 2011  5:31 pm

    I approve highly of this picture. Congratulations on your beautiful wedding!

  • Alyssa

    on August 1, 2011  5:32 pm

    Congrats Ian & Julia! Your pictures are stunning.

  • David Chao

    on August 2, 2011  7:03 am

    Congratulations Ian & Julia!!! The photos are awesome! I believe you will have a great family with many many kids!!! :-)

  • Janice

    on August 2, 2011  11:44 am

    Congrats Ian & Julia! Everyone looked so stunning, can't wait to see even more pictures. Hope my wedding is as gorgeous as yours.

  • Helen Lin

    on August 3, 2011  7:14 am

    Congrats Ian & Julia! wonderful pictures and great memory!

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