Nicole & Bas’ Engagement Session in East Vancouver

Nicole & Bas are awesome. We seem to have so much in common with them. They’re a little goofy (I hope don’t mind me saying that, Nicole & Bas!) like we are. They love to travel too. Nicole & Bas met backpacking in Mongolia and on their wedding  invitation there is a picture of them drinking beer out of plastic bags in the back of a tuktuk. Looking at that picture makes us want to go back to south east Asia.  Nicole & I both love to cook – she’s gotten me hooked to Smitten Kitchen and we both love our European men (Bas is Dutch). There are also some strange coincidences like how Nicole saw these photos of my sister and brother-in-law and realized that Bas has the same t-shirt as my brother-in-law. Needless to say, we have lots of fun together. When we started to plan their engagement photo session Nicole said that they wanted a grungy look to their engagement photos since their wedding will be in the forest on the Sunshine Coast. Nicole suggested that we head into East Vancouver for the session which we happily did.

Thanks, Nicole & Bas, for an entertaining photo session. We’re really looking forward to your wedding.

Holly & Roger

Another likeness between us is that when we asked Nicole & Bas to walk a little slower, Bas started walking like this which is exactly what Roger does when I tell him he is walking too fast!

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  • Cindy

    on July 14, 2011  11:46 am

    Beautiful photos! it really captured the essence of your personalities :)

  • Emily

    on July 14, 2011  1:23 pm

    My fav is the black and white one where Bas is 'walking slower', although I'm not sure why he would need to since Nicole is a pretty fast walker herself! :)

  • christine

    on July 14, 2011  4:36 pm

    Great photos! I can't wait to see the wedding pictures!

  • Genelle

    on July 14, 2011  8:30 pm

    Wow my friend since 3rd grade is all grown up and looking amazing! Congrats Nicole (and Bas)!! :) See you in a couple of months!

  • Sara

    on July 15, 2011  12:05 am

    These are wonderful pictures! Their personalities shine through in each shot, and you can tell how they genuinely care for one another. I love the urban chic feel to shoot, it's like a sneak peek into their love affair.

  • Michelle

    on July 15, 2011  1:16 am

    What retarded hair are you talking about? Hehe! Too 浪漫!(romantic)

  • Jolie

    on July 15, 2011  1:38 am

    Hot girl with handsome boy! Pic looks good!

  • Farah

    on July 15, 2011  5:56 am

    Great pics! I love seeing the "other side" of Vancouver. I like the one of you guys in front of the wall with Bas laughing. Oh and the bum shot of Nicole is pretty good too ;-)
    See you guys in October!

  • Kirstin

    on July 15, 2011  7:30 am

    Loves it! Particularly the kissing:)

  • Kerwei

    on July 15, 2011  9:20 am

    Very nice. I like that they're not your typical boring engagement photos.

  • maria

    on July 15, 2011  10:58 am

    You both look gorgeous! Love the light, the juxtaposition of muted and vibrant colors, the grunge. But you are missing a beer-in-plastic bag shot to round out the set! <3, maria

  • Sharmine

    on July 15, 2011  11:25 am

    Love it! The aesthetic is perfectly Nicole&Bas. The pics capture your relationships and the dynamic so well that I can easily imagine the teasing between the shots! :) Love you guys! xo

  • Alda

    on July 15, 2011  11:44 am

    Love the black and white photo!

  • Sevil Ismailova

    on July 15, 2011  2:24 pm

    Great pictures!!! I loved in particular the balck and white one!!You are such a cute couple! :) All the very best to you guys!!! Looking forward to seeing your wedding pictures! :)

  • Bob

    on July 15, 2011  4:29 pm

    Love your branded jeans, what happened to your head?

  • Marianne

    on July 15, 2011  6:58 pm

    These photos are just wonderful! The grungy look was a great idea that worked really well. Each shot managed to bring across the personalities of Nicole and Bas. Nicely done!

  • Robyn

    on July 18, 2011  6:49 am

    These are so awesome! How cute are you two? Need to get out there to visit you soon :)

  • Yvonne

    on July 19, 2011  1:21 am

    Nice pics. Can't wait to see you guys at the wedding!

  • Jenn

    on July 19, 2011  7:49 pm

    Love the series. Your vision was great. The colours and composition are awesome. You both look comfortable and happy. Can't wait to see you at the wedding.

  • Connie

    on July 21, 2011  4:33 am

    Great photos! They are soooo you. Love the colour schemes as well. They remind me of Bas' T-shirts.

  • Sarah

    on July 21, 2011  10:44 am

    Since when are you grudge? Awesome I love it!! It definitely captures your changing personality : ) See ya soon..

  • Sarah

    on July 21, 2011  10:45 am

    oops can't spell

  • Joanna

    on July 27, 2011  3:17 am

    Beautiful photos! You guys look great together. and yah, i don't get the weird hair thing at all - you hair looks super normal to me la.

  • Trina

    on July 27, 2011  3:04 pm

    The photos are awesome...I really like the black and white photo. Looking forward to your big day!

  • BJun

    on August 2, 2011  6:31 am

    Hello! Really love your photos! They're really nice, warm and real, and really capture your personalities. Not like the fake pretentious ones we got back here at you-know-where. But then again, it'd have been nice to see you guys in traditional Chinese wedding garb too. Do one with cheongsam! Haha!

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