Laura & Sandy’s Wedding at Saltaire Restaurant

Laura & Sandy’s wedding at Saltaire Restaurant was fabulous. Their wedding had all you could ask for – gorgeous weather, a lovely setting, fantastic food and a room bursting with joy & laughter. It really was a great time. We lucked out with a stunning spring day, which was just perfect for Laura & Sandy’s wedding ceremony on the roof top terrace of the restaurant. Laura & Sandy are so sweet together and a whole lot of fun. The wedding party are all very old friends of the couple which made for great speeches that kept everyone laughing. Everyone was hitting the dance floor as we left and we’re sure they were all there late into the night.

Thank you, Laura & Sandy, for having us along on such a wonderful day. Congratulations!

Holly & Roger

Isn’t Laura gorgeous?

Can you tell that Sandy is not a big fan of lipstick?


Laura & Sandy love to golf so the guests had to sink a putt to get the couple to kiss.

The yummy yummy food.

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  • Kathy Turner

    on June 23, 2011  12:46 pm

    The photos are all so beautiful, but I really liked the combined photos when Sandy and Laura are reacting to the mother of the bride ,and father of the groom speeches. and of course, Sandy's reaction to Marty's great speech. A wonderfu day.

  • Cam Turner

    on June 23, 2011  12:55 pm

    The double photos, such as the newlyweds taking a walk , are very effective. The brides and her bridesmaids look great and the groomsmen look like multiple Blues Brothers.

  • Susan O'Leary

    on June 23, 2011  2:45 pm

    Great photos - they really capture the spirit and mood of the day. Thanks for making us all look good!

  • Marlene Shiell

    on June 25, 2011  11:39 pm

    The photos were beautiful and captured the mood. I especially loved the video and music.

  • Lois Keane

    on June 27, 2011  1:42 pm

    Thank you for sharing these stunning photos Laura.
    It was such a pleasure to meet you and to design your wedding flowers. I really enjoyed the welcome from your Mom and Dad when I delivered your bouquet and am very happy that all the flowers were just as you hoped.
    All the best to you and Sandy,

  • Venie Webster

    on June 27, 2011  1:49 pm

    Beautiful pictures in a gorgeous setting of a stunning couple. Thanks for sharing

  • Chris Heal

    on June 27, 2011  3:58 pm

    Great Photos, and really loved the video montage. It was a great Day!!

  • Lloyd and Fran

    on June 27, 2011  10:56 pm

    What a wonderful day for a wedding. It couldn't have been better. And what a wonderful wedding to match the day - two loving people joining their lives. Great photos and presentation, we enjoyed them greatly.

  • marty

    on June 28, 2011  10:56 am


  • Liana Lau

    on June 28, 2011  1:15 pm

    Congratulations again Lars & Sandy!!! You both looked so gorgeous that day. Love the wedding party shot. Thank you for including me in your special day... xoxo.

  • Jen Ready

    on June 28, 2011  1:15 pm

    Laura these are so pretty! Congratulations again!!

  • Kirsten H

    on June 28, 2011  2:04 pm

    Beautiful day, beautiful wedding, beautiful photos to capture it all. The video is a great five min capture of a full day of fun, laughter and love - Congrats Sandy and Laura - you can see your love when you look at each other!

  • Ainsley Sutherland

    on June 28, 2011  8:50 pm

    Such great photos! The wedding was so much fun and I think the photos really capture how happy everyone was and what a great time we were having! Laura looks so beautiful!!!

  • Eric Purdy

    on June 29, 2011  11:34 am

    What a great day. The photos are so good, I don't even mind being in some of them. Congratulations.

  • Layne Christensen

    on June 30, 2011  10:35 am

    A beautiful wedding — the photos capture the love and laughter that filled the room on your special day. It was so great to see you, Sandy, after all these years and to share in the happiness.

  • Duane and Diane

    on June 30, 2011  6:50 pm

    Laura, the photos and video we're greatly appreciated! What a wonderful way to share your special day with others. We could see the joy! Thankyou and Congratulations.

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