Molly & Clayton’s Engagement Session on the Drive

Molly & Clayton are so lovely. I’d like to call them cute, because they really are cute together, but I’m not sure how Clayton would feel about me using the word cute. (Oops, I did it anyways, sorry Clayton!) For their engagement session Molly & Clayton wanted to do something a little different and that reflected them. Clayton asked if we could somehow incorporate hockey and tennis into the shoot. So we headed to Commercial Drive for their engagement session where we could get some nice urban portraits and then head to the tennis courts at the Britannia Community Center. Before we hit the tennis courts Molly & Clayton changed so that Molly was in her tennis outfit and Clayton put on his hockey jersey. We really love the photos of the two of them playing around on the tennis court. The photos show how much fun they have together.

Molly & Clayton, thanks so much for a really enjoyable portrait session. We had a blast with you two and we’re really looking forward to your wedding!

Holly & Roger

A little fun…

… and then a little “Hey, how you doin’?”

These individual portraits are too funny. I love Clayton’s pose, ready for his hockey card!

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  • Fred Gardner

    on June 15, 2011  8:31 am

    Great Fun! A lovely couple, indeed.

  • Mary Gardner

    on June 30, 2011  6:47 am

    What good looking jocks:) Can't wait for the big event! Love you both so much! Great pics.

  • Sherry McHaffie

    on June 30, 2011  7:27 am

    Congratulations to you both! Such a cute couple!

  • Heather Carter

    on June 30, 2011  7:33 am

    These are soo cute! Love them!

  • Barbara and Roy

    on June 30, 2011  8:36 am

    the cutest couple ever!!

  • Augusta Schneider

    on June 30, 2011  9:38 am

    The best looking and the best matched couple! They are wonderful so happy they will make an incredible life together!!!

  • Meg Santanna

    on July 3, 2011  12:00 am

    Sissy, you guys are adorable! Tennis anyone?! I can't wait til next weekend!

  • Vinnie Santanna

    on July 3, 2011  12:02 am

    Nice, looking good guys

  • Marian, Brian and Lindy Holladay

    on July 5, 2011  7:33 am

    Y'all look amazing! So happy for you and can't wait to see pics from the big event! Love you!

  • Heather Tucker

    on July 5, 2011  12:13 pm

    Congrats Molly! These pics are great. Hope you have a wonderful day - you deserve it!

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