Charlotte & Tim’s Engagement Photos in Gastown

Charlotte & Tim crack us up. They are just so funny and really great together. For their engagement photo session we went to Gastown to get an urban look for their photos since we will be in Stanley Park for most of their wedding day. We had a great time hanging out with these two taking photos. Every couple is nervous at the beginning of the photo shoot and so were Charlotte & Tim. We loved how Charlotte & Tim were able to relax into the session and have fun with it and with us. Here are a few of our favourite shots from the session. Watch the slideshow if you’d like to see more!

Thanks so much, Charlotte & Tim, for a great session! We are really looking forward to your wedding.

Holly & Roger

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  • Shahram

    on June 1, 2011  5:24 pm

    Great photos guys!

  • Kristine

    on June 1, 2011  10:24 pm

    Looking good Tim and Charlotte!!

  • Erica

    on June 2, 2011  6:58 am

    The photos are amazing!! You two are so cute together.

  • Sukhia

    on June 2, 2011  8:15 am

    Beautiful photos, you two look amazing. Love the shoes Charlotte!

  • patsy

    on June 2, 2011  9:11 am

    WOW if these are just the practice photos, I can hardly wait for the real day, they are awesome

  • Margrit - Sukhia's mom

    on June 2, 2011  11:14 am

    Tim it's lovely to see you so happily engaged and preparing for your own BIG day. Your engagement photos are BEAUTIFUL.

  • Deborah

    on June 2, 2011  4:55 pm

    Absolutely love the pics ... Char you look beautiful as always. What can I say but you two look so happy. I miss you and can't wait to see you and meet Tim
    Love always. D

  • Heidi

    on June 2, 2011  6:29 pm

    awww I love these pictures! You two look so sweet together. I can't wait until the 30th. xoxo

  • Jessica

    on June 2, 2011  9:20 pm

    Great pcitures I love them all the last one is very cute. Very exciting!!

  • Stuart

    on June 5, 2011  7:53 am

    Great Photos!

  • Troy

    on June 8, 2011  12:15 pm

    These photos are absolutely amazing...just like the two of you!!

  • Ali F

    on June 12, 2011  8:48 pm

    Gorgeous photos!! You guys look so happy and in love!!

  • Sara

    on July 14, 2011  11:01 am

    I'm so happy for you two, the photos are amazing, can't wait for the big day.

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