Joy-o-vision: Heading to Switzerland

We are leaving today for Switzerland and we are over the moon with excitement. It has been hard to work these last few days as we’ve been talking and dreaming about the trip. This is going to be a very special adventure for the both of us. We are heading there with Roger’s parents to go and visit the rest of Roger’s family whom I’ve yet had the chance to meet. (I feel so fancy using whom, my grammar teacher would be proud!)

Roger immigrated to Canada with his parents and his sister when he was 13. The only english he knew before coming here was “pass the salt” and of course as you would expect of a teenage boy, a bunch of swear words. When I first met Roger almost 9 years ago (where does the time go?) he had just been back home to visit a few months before. He told me lots of stories about the trip and throughout the time we’ve known each other I’ve heard lots about his hometown and the rest of his family. I am so so excited to finally meet all of these people that I’ve heard so  much about and to see where Roger grew up.

I’ve been to Switzerland once before when I was 11. My family went on a 6 week trip through Europe and what I remember the most about Swizterland are three things. Walking on the beautiful covered bridge in Lucerne, my dad giving me the heimlich manouver in a row boat on Lake Titisee after I choked on a sandwich  and drinking a bottle of Coke on the Matterhorn after my Dad gave CPR to someone who had collapsed in front of us. Hmmm, what an odd bunch of memories. My Dad is still my hero! Hopefully this time in Switzerland will be less dramatic and just as memorable!

We will try and share some photos with you all while we are there, but if we are having too much fun to sit at the computer you’ll have to wait until we’re back.

In the meantime, here are some of Roger’s pictures from Switzerland that he was showing me last night. I just love the magic of photographs and how you can share memories with them.

Holly & Roger

Roger on his first birthday! How cute are his chubby cheeks?

He’s still great at doing dishes. Thanks so much to his mom who trained him so well! : )

Roger said that this top was one of his favourites – it was a Robin Hood shirt.

Roger and his family on his last visit to Switzerland. I can’t wait to meet them!