And We’re Off

H & R (aka Hoger aka Roger and I) are taking off today for some much needed R & R on beautiful Hornby Island. We learned several years ago to take a holiday at the beginning, the middle and the end of the wedding season. It is so important to us to get some rest so we can keep our energy up and be able to give each and every client our very best. We’ll be back on Friday in time for two very special weddings on the weekend. We will be checking our emails periodically while we are away in between lying on the beach and giggling with our dear friends who we will be with. We’re looking forward to enjoying some summer sun. Enjoy the week ahead.

Holly & Roger


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    • admin

      on July 23, 2010  3:27 pm

      Thank you so much, my dear! We really did enjoy it & we're all charged up now for the rest of the wedding season.

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