Catherine & Alex’s Engagement Photos

We met up with Catherine & Alex in Gastown for their engagement photos before heading to Stanley Park. Alex was so entertaining and kept us all laughing. Catherine & Alex were great sports when we got to Second Beach and Roger had them walk in the ocean’s edge and then lie down in the sand. We’re all still getting sand out of our pockets, shoes and hair. But it was so worth it, right Catherine & Alex???

Thanks so much you two for a great engagement photo session. We’ll see you real soon at your wedding! We can’t wait!

Holly & Roger

Catherine & Alex's Engagement Photos, Union Photographers, Vancouver Wedding Photographers

We just love how Alex makes Catherine laugh!

Catherine & Alex's Engagement Photos, Union Photographers, Vancouver Wedding Photographers

Catherine & Alex's Engagement Photos, Union Photographers, Vancouver Wedding Photographers

Catherine & Alex's Engagement Photos, Union Photographers, Vancouver Wedding Photographers

Catherine & Alex's Engagement Photos, Union Photographers, Vancouver Wedding Photographers

Catherine & Alex's Engagement Photos, Union Photographers, Vancouver Wedding Photographers

Catherine & Alex's Engagement Photos, Union Photographers, Vancouver Wedding Photographers

Catherine & Alex's Engagement Photos, Union Photographers, Vancouver Wedding Photographers

Catherine & Alex's Engagement Photos, Union Photographers, Vancouver Wedding Photographers

Catherine & Alex's Engagement Photos, Union Photographers, Vancouver Wedding Photographers

Catherine & Alex's Engagement Photos, Union Photographers, Vancouver Wedding Photographers

Catherine & Alex's Engagement Photos, Union Photographers, Vancouver Wedding Photographers

Catherine & Alex's Engagement Photos, Union Photographers, Vancouver Wedding Photographers

Catherine & Alex's Engagement Photos, Union Photographers, Vancouver Wedding Photographers

Catherine & Alex's Engagement Photos, Union Photographers, Vancouver Wedding Photographers

Catherine & Alex's Engagement Photos, Union Photographers, Vancouver Wedding Photographers

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  • Catherine

    on June 25, 2010  9:53 am

    Wow!!! Holly and Roger, you did an amazing job! These pictures are beautiful and even better than Alex and I hoped! Thanks for the fun evening and the memories it has given us! I can't wait to do it again at the wedding!

  • Waleah

    on June 25, 2010  11:17 am

    Beautiful!!! Catherine, you are absolutely gorgeous. Alex is a lucky guy. Looks like you guys had lots of fun during your photo shoot. I love how happy the two of you make each other. We are really looking forward to helping you celebrate your love next month. xo Waleah and Mike

  • Alex

    on June 25, 2010  2:48 pm

    Wow Alex looks really good ;) and yes of course catherine too....

  • Jennifer

    on June 25, 2010  3:44 pm

    Beautiful pictures! Congrats you two, I'm sure you'll have a beautiful wedding!

  • Val et crew

    on June 25, 2010  4:13 pm

    Great Pics! Lindsey hasn't seen you since your were tied to your canes, thinks its great to see you running in Sand!.. I love the laughs and I've heard Alex's jokes, Seriously... Catharine, love the black and white where you're cheek to cheek, off to the side about the fourth one in? Model material. Johnny modeled his out fit for the wedding and grad today, pretty sharp! Looking forward to being your rowdy family crowd!

  • Ivie Parker

    on June 26, 2010  9:49 am

    These photos are AMAZING!
    Of course you had two Amazing people to work with!!

  • virginia

    on June 26, 2010  1:02 pm

    Excellent pictures. Very artistic. Can't wait to see the wedding pictures. Virginia.

  • Ann Marie

    on June 26, 2010  1:21 pm

    Catherine and Alex; Great pictures - I too love the fourth picture. See you in YVR @ your wedding.
    Ann Marie

  • Elle

    on June 26, 2010  3:07 pm

    they are really amazing pictures, you've done a fantastic job

  • Laurie

    on June 26, 2010  4:49 pm

    Gorgeous Pictures you two. Very well done!

  • Brandon

    on June 26, 2010  4:51 pm

    WOW! Incredible pictures. You two look so happy together and compliment each other perfectly.

  • Gaetan

    on June 26, 2010  4:55 pm

    Very beautiful pictures. Locations are great. Nice looking young couple.

  • Darlene

    on June 26, 2010  4:56 pm

    Nice pictures - the subjects aren't bad either.
    She pretty but what happend to him? :)
    Congrats to both of you.

  • Larry

    on June 26, 2010  6:53 pm

    Great pictures, two great models to showcase the most wonderful place on earth to live... not only can we pull off the 2010 Winter Olympics, we can pull off a 2010 Wedding too!

  • K.Bayer

    on June 26, 2010  8:46 pm

    Really beautiful!

  • Mabel Higgins

    on June 26, 2010  8:57 pm

    What a handsome couple!...and these photographs capture their beauty and energy...

  • Len

    on June 26, 2010  9:01 pm

    Ohhh great pictures of you both a big congratulations from Manitoba!

  • marcey

    on June 26, 2010  9:11 pm

    Beautiful photos to cherish and can you imagine the grandchildren admiring the love and the joy in these moments.

  • kellee

    on June 26, 2010  9:12 pm

    Really nice pictures.The quality of theses pictures are fabolous. The quality and expressive photography work great when the two people are feeling the love.Congratulations too you both on your journey of love!!!!!!

  • Barbara Ballhorn

    on June 26, 2010  9:28 pm

    I love the energy and vitality of these pictures. Black and white photography is so, so classy.

  • Barbara Ballhorn

    on June 26, 2010  9:29 pm

    I love the energy and vitality of these pictures. The park is a perfect setting for these black and white shots.

  • Bill

    on June 26, 2010  10:03 pm

    Looks great, pictures of the beach, Vancouver, does it get better than that! Congratulations...

  • Jordan Tait

    on June 26, 2010  10:14 pm

    ...AWEH! The pictures look amazing.
    Congradulations to the both of you, hope to see you very soon.

  • Lois VanDerVelden

    on June 26, 2010  10:53 pm

    I don't know either of these kids, but the pictures seem to captivate spirit & love between two souls.
    Well done

  • Tere Gilbert

    on June 26, 2010  11:01 pm

    Awesome photos. what a beautiful couple. What a great photographer

  • Ian Gunderson

    on June 26, 2010  11:16 pm

    Congratulations on upcoming marriage. Your photographer did an amazing and creative job with your engagement photos.

  • wendy crandell

    on June 26, 2010  11:25 pm

    Fantastic photos! Congratulations and best wishes on your upcoming marriage.

  • Merv and Rita

    on June 27, 2010  4:00 am

    Alex great to hear that you are getting married and really happy for you that you have found a gorgeous bride.
    Have a great day
    Da Iawn a Llongyfarchiadau (Well done and Congratulations)
    Merv, Rita and family

  • Gail

    on June 27, 2010  5:37 am

    What beautiful pictures , they look so happy together.The photographer captured the moment.Can hardly wait to fly out ,maybe Lady will look good in a photo with you.

  • Heather Baker

    on June 27, 2010  6:56 am

    Love the one with the city in the background...

  • Gwen Williams

    on June 27, 2010  6:56 am

    Wonderful photos, true family treasures for generations to look back on. Alex, you really resemble your Dad and your Catherine is a beautiful young woman. I still can't believe how those years have flown by and now you're to be married. All the best to you both for a long and happy life together.......

  • Susan & Graham

    on June 27, 2010  7:07 am

    It seems like only yesterday Alex was playing in the sand with a pail and shovel and here today he is running on the sand with his beautiful bride to be.

  • glenn Wainman

    on June 27, 2010  8:10 am

    Nice images

  • Moira

    on June 27, 2010  8:13 am

    Delightful pictures. They will cherish these pictures forever. My wish is that they remain this happy always.

  • Catherine

    on June 27, 2010  8:27 am

    Congratulations to you both. In some pics Alex looks so much like his father and in others I can see Virginia. Catherine is not only beautiful, she also has a Great name.
    My favorites are two of the B&W. The one on the beach and the one taken from behind on the stairs.
    Have a wonderful day and don't forget to BREATH!!

  • Jo-Anne McBean

    on June 27, 2010  9:03 am

    Congratulations! Wishing you every happiness and joy that love can bring- your photograhs show such natural connection and a sense of fun- Jo-Anne a friend of your mom and dad's

  • Debbie

    on June 27, 2010  9:15 am

    Beautiful photos! You will cherish these always! Enjoy your day! Congrats to you both.

  • Terri

    on June 27, 2010  9:29 am

    Fabulous photos! Congrats!

  • Sandra

    on June 27, 2010  9:30 am

    What a beautiful memory to have. Just incredible.

  • Grant

    on June 27, 2010  9:34 am

    What a great idea! Photos to treasure! Best wishes to you both.


    on June 27, 2010  10:38 am

    Congratulations on you fabulous photo shoot -- you look like movie starts! We wish you happy days ahead and a wonderful life together.

    Much love, Fran and Gordon

  • Lis Sales

    on June 27, 2010  11:09 am

    These photos capture many emotions... but most of all, the love you have for each other. Congratulations and best wishes for a spectacular wedding day!

  • Dorothy, Darrel & Corinna

    on June 27, 2010  11:33 am

    Awesome pictures! We really enjoyed looking at them. They are so good, that you are going to have trouble picking your favourites!!! Love Dorothy, Darrel & Corinna

  • Dayle

    on June 27, 2010  12:27 pm

    Looks like you had lots of fun doing this photo shoot. I like the black & whites best, especially the first one. Congratulations!

  • Marg Smith

    on June 27, 2010  2:33 pm

    Really beautiful - especially the black and whites - should make for gorgeous wedding pictures. Of course great material to work with. Love to you both, Marg

  • robin mcmillan

    on June 27, 2010  4:45 pm

    Great photos that you will both treasure forever.

  • traci

    on June 27, 2010  5:40 pm

    Beautiful pictures!

  • Amanda Look

    on June 27, 2010  5:53 pm

    Congratulations Alex and Catherine! These photos are incredible.

  • Ani Nina

    on June 27, 2010  6:48 pm

    Unbelievably gorgeous. You 2 look soooooo in love. Maybe you should think about getting married !! Lol. If you do decide to tie the know one day....I'd use these guys to do your wedding pic. The pictures are very beautiful. I love how artistic they are.

  • Shirlee Hildebrandt

    on June 27, 2010  10:24 pm

    Hi Catherine.. I grew up next door to your mom in Beechy. ( I was thrilled to see these pictures. What a gorgious girl you are! Beatiful pictures.. Beautiful couple! Congratualtions on your upcoming marriage!.and I hope we meet some day. 's'

  • Martine Pitt

    on June 28, 2010  12:23 am

    I particularly loved the "From here to eternity" shot at the end and hope that all your dreams come true. The photos are a lovely collection of memories
    Martine - Australia (friend of Larry's who is proud papa and papa-in-law to be)

  • Tammy

    on June 28, 2010  7:48 am


  • scott

    on June 28, 2010  9:24 am

    like the typography shots

  • Bonnie

    on June 28, 2010  9:26 am

    Great photos--isn't romance beautiful?

  • Cathy Sales

    on June 28, 2010  11:16 am

    What beautiful pictures, some naught and some nice. I especially like the beach pictures. Enjoy your special day and all the years ahead!

  • Sherri

    on June 28, 2010  11:52 am

    Beautiful pictures Catherine!

  • Sheilagh Clucas

    on June 28, 2010  12:00 pm

    Loving wishes for a lifetime of happiness to you, Alex and Catherine!! Wonderful, happy, spontaneous, youthful, and kicky photos! They just capture your energy, your sense of fun and your beauty.

  • Barbara Caza, Brandon's sister

    on June 28, 2010  12:55 pm

    WOW!!!!!!!! What beautiful shots!!!!. You two make such a beautiful couple. Its so refreshing to see two young people so deeply in Love! I knew you two would end up getting married I could see the Love developing at Brandon & Laurie's wedding it was just the way you both looked at each other. I am glad to see your legs have healed well for you Catherine, Alex ur such a little ham. Your babies are going to be beautiful. Congradulations on your up comming wedding. I hope you will post pictures.

  • Simone

    on June 28, 2010  1:39 pm

    Absolutely amazing shots of the city and the beach ....oh, and those two incredible happy and life loving looking people in love too :) Looks to me, from here to eternity is going to be a wonderful journey!

  • TJ

    on June 28, 2010  5:22 pm


    What wonderful memories to cherish for a lifetime!

  • Ron & Bonnie

    on June 28, 2010  6:15 pm

    Beautiful pictures! We especially love the black & whites.
    Congratulations on the upcoming wedding!

  • Eric and Earlyn Williams

    on June 28, 2010  7:44 pm

    Wow! You both look so relaxed and in love.
    The pictures are amazing.
    Can't wait to see the wedding pictures.

  • Mary Burns

    on June 28, 2010  8:35 pm

    The vibrant beauty of young love...may it last as long as you do! The photographer has captured the essence of your vitality and love for one another...hope he/she takes the wedding pix too!

  • CGS

    on June 29, 2010  9:32 am

    Great pictures!


  • Belinda

    on June 29, 2010  9:54 am

    Breathtaking photos! Congratulations on your upcoming marriage and your new lives together.

  • Carol Roussel

    on June 29, 2010  10:09 am

    Congratulations to the lovely looking couple on their engagement and to Virginia and family. Thanks for sharing these beautiful pictures. All good wishes for your future happiness.

    Carol R.

  • Cynthia

    on June 29, 2010  11:07 am

    Really great photos. Congratulations Alex & Catherine, can't wait to see your wedding photos.

  • Heather

    on June 29, 2010  11:27 am

    Wow Virginia you were right these are beautiful pictures. Hope you all have a wonderful wedding day :)

  • sue gibson

    on June 29, 2010  11:28 am

    fantastic - I love the beach shots in particular!

  • Kristin Bower

    on June 29, 2010  12:59 pm

    Wow - beautiful photos! Congratulations!!

  • Jen DesLauriers

    on June 29, 2010  2:31 pm

    Stunning photos! Congrats to the mother of the groom.

  • Scott P

    on June 29, 2010  6:45 pm

    Great Pictures !! See you on the 25th !!

  • Madeline

    on June 29, 2010  7:21 pm

    Best wishes for your upcoming big day!

  • Shelli

    on June 29, 2010  8:18 pm

    Fabulous Photos! There is nothing more special than true love......

  • April

    on June 29, 2010  9:02 pm

    Catherine you are so beautiful!! These are amazing pics!!!

  • Karen

    on June 29, 2010  9:24 pm

    What beautiful photos. I must say I love the beach more than anything and the way you have captured the magic and smile in their eyes. Most beautiful pictures all can relate to in Vancouver.

  • Rita

    on June 30, 2010  7:25 am

    Alex, we met your da in Belfast, Ireland last year at a conference where Larry spoke about you all with pride. Good luck to you and Catherine with your life together. It's a tough society you live in that puts profit before people so its lovely you two have found each other to journey through life together. It's great you have a sense of humour like your da's as it will cut your problems in half. I liked the last photo - may you always be this much in-love! Sláinte, Rita

  • Shelby

    on June 30, 2010  7:58 am

    Congratulations! May you have a lifetime of happiness and love! Love the beach photos!

  • Louise

    on June 30, 2010  8:44 am

    Beautiful Pictures...., my Favorite... black and white lying in the sand! Have a great day!

  • gary

    on June 30, 2010  8:45 am

    Nice pictures have a great day!

  • Tara

    on June 30, 2010  8:47 am

    Beautiful pictures.

  • Crystal

    on June 30, 2010  8:48 am

    I love your pictures Hope to see the wedding pictures up here too!

  • Sonya & Jess Howe

    on June 30, 2010  8:48 am

    Awesome Pics!! love them all Congrats & hope you have a long & happy life together !! :)

    Sonya & Jess Howe

  • Nikki

    on June 30, 2010  9:17 am

    Catherine - you look stunning. Look forward to seeing photos of your big day. Congratulations.

  • Bea

    on June 30, 2010  10:47 am

    I enjoyed the presentation of Union Photographers because the photos were so natural, because the personalities of Alex and Catherine shone through each image. They looked as though they were having the time of their lives, so I am sure their marriage is going to be one life of fun. My warmest wishes for both of these young people. Much love from Mrs. Beasley

  • Michelle

    on June 30, 2010  1:54 pm

    Beautiful photos, congrats to you both. I'm looking forward to seeing all the amazing wedding photos too now!!! CONGRATULATIONS YOU GUYS!! WOOO HOOOOOOOO!!!! =)

  • Donna McRae

    on June 30, 2010  2:58 pm

    Wow, these are great, natural photos..and you 2 look sooo in love, I'm sure you will enjoy looking aback at these some day!

  • Doug McRae

    on June 30, 2010  3:33 pm

    Hey you two. Congratulations and what a great idea with the photos.
    Doug McRae

  • samantha patterson:)

    on June 30, 2010  3:36 pm

    hello there :)
    these are amazing !
    very nice!

  • samantha patterson:)

    on June 30, 2010  3:37 pm

    hello there
    these are amazing !
    very nice!

  • nikki horne

    on June 30, 2010  3:39 pm

    very nice pictures!

  • Michelle Zhang

    on June 30, 2010  10:47 pm

    Love love love the photos!! You two look so happy and in love =) Congratulations!! <3

  • Cheryl

    on June 30, 2010  11:02 pm

    This is such a great collection of pictures. What a fantastic way to celebrate your engagement. I can't wait to see the wedding day photos.

  • Stephen

    on June 30, 2010  11:08 pm

    nice pics

  • Jolene Watsyk

    on July 2, 2010  10:12 am

    Wow! Absolutely amazing photos! Beautiful couple. Best wishes.

  • Matthew

    on July 2, 2010  10:36 am

    who knew my sister was so beautiful.... too much kissing though....

  • Lynden

    on July 2, 2010  9:46 pm

    cousin Alex, you look so handsome!! Catherine is so pretty. I hope I grow up to be as pretty as she is! :) Love your photos. Love Lynden

  • Colin

    on July 2, 2010  9:48 pm

    Hi Cos!! Looks like you guys had lots of fun getting your pictures taken! You smile way better than me right now. Mommy says I give a cheezey smile when asked to smile. When I get older you are going to have to teach me how to find such a wonderful and pretty lady. love Colin

  • Mike

    on July 2, 2010  9:48 pm

    Great photos guys. Looking forward to the 25th!!

  • Rachel

    on July 2, 2010  9:49 pm

    Fabulous photos!! What a beautiful couple too.

  • Kari

    on July 2, 2010  9:50 pm

    Gorgeous!!! Fabulous photos. Looks like this couple had a great time.

  • Bruce

    on July 2, 2010  10:05 pm

    Awesome pics!

  • Leonard and Carole

    on July 2, 2010  10:13 pm

    Congratulations, Alex and Catherine, and may you have a long, healthy and happy life.

  • Treena

    on July 2, 2010  10:15 pm

    Congratulations to the couple. Great photography!

  • Mike

    on July 2, 2010  10:42 pm

    Great pictures! Looking forward to the wedding!

  • Dave S

    on July 3, 2010  1:03 am

    Very nice photos

  • Chris & Bill

    on July 3, 2010  6:10 am

    Great pictures. At the park, but still very urban. Tough to pick just one to go with.

  • Jan and Dennis Howe

    on July 3, 2010  5:04 pm

    The beauty of your pictures is only surpassed by the love that shines through them! Congratulations looking forward to the Big Day!
    Love Jan and Dennis

  • Deborah Hogg

    on July 4, 2010  6:47 pm

    WOW, these photos are awesome.. happy, beautiful couple.. makes the day so much brighter. Thanks for sharing

  • Lindsay

    on July 4, 2010  10:37 pm

    Stunning photos as always Roger and Holly! You always capture the true essence of the people you photograph!

  • Doug

    on July 4, 2010  10:39 pm

    If you have as much fun in your marriage as you're having in the photo shoot, the future looks terrific! All the best to you both.

  • Dar

    on July 5, 2010  1:26 pm


  • Meghan

    on July 5, 2010  1:41 pm

    Hey Cat- you look absolutely stunning! You both look genuinely happy, which is hard to do when you've got a camera standing by. Can't wait to see you guys at the end of this month-can you believe it?!! So exciting! Congratulations!

  • Laurie

    on July 5, 2010  9:31 pm

    Love the pictures, they're great! Can't wait till the big day :)

  • Spider

    on July 5, 2010  9:32 pm

    Incredible pictures! Congrats from all of us at Spider Tech Productions.

  • Brandon

    on July 5, 2010  9:35 pm

    Photos are very good - love the locations!

  • Korrie

    on July 6, 2010  7:25 am

    Catherine! I absolutely love the running on the beach pics. They totally capture you. Congrats! /k

  • Karen Hobeyn

    on July 6, 2010  8:43 am

    Congratulations Alex and Catherine, beautiful photos, Wishes for a long and happy life together.

  • Light Guy

    on July 6, 2010  10:29 am

    Great Pics - looking forward to the big day photo's

  • Fader

    on July 6, 2010  10:32 am

    Awww... you guys look great! I hope you have an amazing wedding!

  • Duncan

    on July 6, 2010  10:44 am

    Great pics! I like Alex's new haircut.

  • John

    on July 6, 2010  10:53 am

    You two look so happy and free! I wish you the best on your upcoming wedding. You are also very blessed to have such wonderful family support (if you're wondering who the heck I am, Virginia has strong-armed -- um I mean "encouraged" -- me to leave a comment as you're so close to the magic 125.

  • pam chahal

    on July 6, 2010  11:00 am

    Virginia, thanks for sharing these amazing photos. Your son and future daughter-in-law make a lovely couple. Looking forward to seeing the wedding photos.

  • David and Carol

    on July 6, 2010  11:11 am

    Great Photos! Don't sell them for less than they are worth. The Paparazzi will be all over this and they don't usually get such incredible quality of pictures, composition of shot and certainly not such excellent Subject material. Every Vancouver Tourism Magazine will want you on the Front Cover ... This is SERIOUSLY Good Stuff in every way!

  • Mr. Lights

    on July 6, 2010  11:20 am

    Hey Guys. These phot's are very Nice. Congrats on everything and we will see you on the big day.

  • Carol

    on July 6, 2010  11:30 am

    these are awesome!

  • Michael (Dad)

    on July 7, 2010  2:58 pm

    -WONDERFUL!!! Black and white definitely gets my vote.

  • Johnny & Nina Sudar

    on July 8, 2010  3:19 pm

    hey Alex -
    Your photos look great;
    I'm really happy for the both of you; you look like
    you've got a life of bliss ahead...
    All the best in health and happiness, and I'm sure
    we'll cross paths one day in the future.

    Until then, all the best -

    Johhny, Nina, and Sofia Sudar.

  • Alma Sales

    on July 10, 2010  11:04 am

    Great pictures - beautiful couple
    Alma Sales

  • Sasha

    on July 11, 2010  1:22 pm

    I think the photos are beautiful! Congratulations!

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