Tuktuk Travel Is The Way To Go

Riding around with the natural A/C in the back of a tuktuk is the way to see this lovely country. You’re traveling at the perfect speed to take everything in and best of all, it is the easiest way to interact with the warm-hearted Cambodians. They love to smile, wave and say hello. Roger even got a handshake from a guy passing us on the back of  a motorcycle. We’ve had the nicest drivers touring us around as well.

I can’t believe that we are leaving tomorrow already. Angkor Wat was spectacular but extremely hot. I think we both lost 5 lbs in sweat. But you know us, we love, love, love people. It has been so truly special to visit 3 different orphanages in Pnom Penh that I am having a hard time putting it into words. The children are full of smiles and giggles and love to cuddle and they are so kind to each other even though they have so little. We are truly blessed to have been born in Canada. What is a small amount to us goes an incredibly far way for the people here. This afternoon we will be visiting again the orphanage for the Save the Children Cambodia for Development. The photos of the children below are from this peaceful place outside of Pnom Penh. If you feel like giving to them they have many needs and would be happy for our support. We are going to support a child by giving $360 US a year so the child is fed, clothed, has health care and goes to school. As Roger said, next time he thinks of going out for a latte, he will think of how much better use that money will be for a child here.

We feel so blessed to have been touched by such wonderful people here. I will try to blog again before we head home, but the internet is slow. It may have to wait until we are home.

Holly and Roger

A few shots from Angkor Wat

We went for a boat ride on the lake near Siem Reap, where many people live on their boats.

This was one of our boatmen.

Some pics taken walking around Pnom Penh.

These lovelies are at the Save the Children Cambodia for Development orphanage.

When the children come home from the local school, they have more lessons at the Centre in English, computers, Buddhist principles and skills in handicrafts.

Tommy’s Catering in North Vancouver raised enough money for the Centre to get a water filtration system. Now the Centre bottles the water and sells it to the local villages to help raise funds. Tommy’s Catering also raised money so the Centre to get a truck to deliver the water.

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