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Andrea & Jack’s Lovely Wedding at Westwood Plateau Golf & Country Club

Andrea & Jack’s lovely wedding at Trinity Lutheran Church & Westwood Plateau Golf & Country Club was a day to remember. It was a day filled with prettiness with Andrea’s beautiful flowing gown, all of the bridesmaids in pink and the flowers in pink and white. It was a day filled with hilarity between the door games (there are a few pics that we can’t even show here), the super fun wedding party and Jack who kept on asking us if we had had any drinks yet at the reception. It was also a day filled with emotion as Jack cried when Andrea walked down the aisle and Andrea’s sister cried giving her speech which made the whole room tear up. Needless to say it was a fabulous day and we were so lucky to have been a part of it.

Congratulations, Andrea & Jack! We are so happy for you two. Thank you so much for sharing your wedding day with us.





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