130Weddings Event at Loungeworks & a Lesson

Treat table by Smitten EventsLast week we were thrilled to attend Loungeworks’ #130Weddings event. The event showed off their gorgeous warehouse space that can be rented out as well as their beautiful furniture. Loungeworks gathered an amazing team of vendors to highlight the wedding trends for 2014. Each created a different area that you would need to decorate for a wedding. Smitten Events along with Flowerz created the fun dessert table in the picture above. Revel Events created an amazing and unique giant guest book that really was a piece of art. Debut Event Design, Harumi Signature Events and the Flower Factory had a beautiful lounge area with cherry blossoms that we could have sat around in all day. Filosophi & Delovely Creative put together a cozy dinner table that blew us away with all of its’ gorgeous details. Sweetheart Events had a fun woodlands themed lounge area complete with a giant game of Jenga and beautiful sweet treats by Kien and Sweet. Fleur de Lis Events created a fun speak easy themed bar, and Dreamgroup had a sparkly, white & dramatic ceremony setup.

We had loads of fun and we brought a camera along to take a few pictures of the night. Of course, they had official photographers that were covering the night and I just wanted to take a few pics to share here. But it’s funny, when I went to get this post ready I realized I missed photographing a lot of the decor and just had some fun pictures of our friends. I also realized I should have taken notes of all of the vendors and what each had prepared for the night because when I sat down to write this I couldn’t remember everyone that was involved. So embarrassing!

And you know what? This to me is a good lesson as to why an engaged couple shouldn’t let their family member and/or a friend photograph their wedding day. I was honestly having too much fun drinking wine, talking with friends and enjoying all of the yummy treats by Louis Gervais to keep on taking pictures. It really is different when you are working at an event as opposed to being a guest at an event. It honestly breaks our hearts when we hear stories about couples being disappointed in their wedding photos. So please, let your friends and family be wedding guests and hire a professional to photograph such an important day not just in your life but also your family’s life.




neon candy barRevel Events guest book artRoger & JennaDebut Event Design beautiful backdropFlower Factory & Fleur de Lis Eventscutest family photoSweetheart Events the lovely Smitten Events & A Day to Remember ladiesSmitten Events dessert bar pink and adorable Roger goofing around with CaylynFilosophi & Delovely Creative are amazingDJ BFad and Michael just me

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