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"Now we think of you, Holly & Roger,
whenever we see people both relishing
their work and being excellent at it!"
-Thea & Jon

Working With Us


We've been photographing weddings together in Vancouver for 10 years now and we love every second of it. On every wedding day, at some point, you'll find Holly wiping the tears from her eyes while she shoots away, and Roger sweating through his shirt as he runs from one photo location to the next. We are into this work with our whole hearts and we feel so lucky that we get to do it together. We really feel that we are stronger together.

From the Union Blog

thumbs up to being a photographer

thumbs up to being a wedding photographer Somehow we missed doing a post of our behind the scenes photos from our 2014 wedding season so we had to make sure we shared our outtakes from our 2015 wedding season. These photos make us laugh so we wanted to share them with you. Being wedding photographers is an incredible job. Sure, we sweat like crazy all day, we skip lunch surviving on trail mix until dinner and we are usually so tired that we can barely talk the next day. Despite all of that we wouldn't trade this work for anything. It is amazing to capture the big day for our clients and we feel even luckier that we get to do this creative work together. Thumbs up all around.

About Us


Hello! Thank you for stopping by. We are happy to see you here.

We are two very different artists, each with a unique point of view, who have come together in business (and in life) through our shared passion for wedding photography to create Union Photographers.

While Roger's timeless aesthetic, and attention to detail produces images that evoke the significance and emotion of the occasion - Holly's discreet, documentary approach is about capturing the often intimate, light-hearted moments that will make your wedding day the most memorable of your life.

Though we each have found expression for our passion in a distinctive style, it is when our photos are experienced together that the magic truly happens. In photography – as in life – we are stronger together. Just like our clients.

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